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What to Give as Favors for a Children’s Table at a Wedding

Kids should have fun at your wedding, too! Whether they’re part of your entourage, little nephews and nieces, or children of
guests, do consider them in the party planning—from setting up their own little table at the reception, all the way to giving
out delightful party favors prettily packaged just for them. Everyone will be happier for it! The kids’ table at the reception
can be a miniature replica of those for the adult guests, but with a charming kiddie slant. Fun activities can be provided
that will keep the little ones seated and happily occupied. A separate menu can be prepared to please every child’s palate
with no-spill dishes and treats, plus minimal clean-up afterwards. And of course, there must be take-home kiddie tokens!
That’s where our practical and fun tips below come in. We help you plan party favors that will have your little guests beaming
as they leave the party! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Some Fun Favors to Give the Kids at the Wedding!

ictorian Themed Birthday Party Shoe Favors Go whimsical! That’s a sure winner with little tykes who just love fairy tales and animated films. So we suggest filling petite porcelain shoes, a la Cinderella, with favorite childhood sweets such as M&M’s, mini Kisses, or colorful jelly beans. Then, for a fun spin just for the kids, you could assign an attendant to have each child answer a trivia question on any popular fairy tale as they claim their take-home tokens. Think of Color, Color, Color colorful polka dot boxes Whether cheery primaries or pretty pastels, color is another key element in choosing kids’ party favors. Here, we’ve tucked saltwater taffy treats into colorful gable boxes with polka dots—their multi-colored candy wraps peering through. The same favor bags can also hold little toys or trinkets, like mini puzzles, stickers, pencil-and-eraser sets, pin-on buttons, and the like, selected to match the party’s color motif. Keep Them Personalized If you have your wedding monogram, your little guests can have theirs, too! As a cool take on the traditional favor tag, why not personalize each kiddie favor with a chalkboard-style label bearing their initials? Of course with giveaways as adorable as these knitted booties, the children (not to mention their parents!) would love any personalized accent you choose. Knowing that you had each one of them specifically in mind as you prepared these tokens is thrilling enough for any child. Note: These same booties would make the cutest giveaways at an infant’s christening  party or at a first birthday party with a fun “Cars” theme! Theme It! Winter gloves for kids as favors at a wedding. Speaking of themes, it would be great if your kids’ table and party favors could be in sync with your wedding theme. But it’s not a must. You could plan a unique sub-theme just for the little ones—then decorate the table, provide activities, and package great giveaways around it. For instance, a colorful display of knitted mittens could definitely warm up the scene at a reception set in winter. This appealing arrangement would be perfect as a combined kids’ table centerpiece and favor display. Simply stuff each mitten with a giant lollipop and stand them up in a colorful container. Alternatively, you could use a handful of hard candies to fill each mitten, then hang them on the back of each kiddie chair. Oh, and since the mittens are both the “packaging” as well as the favors themselves, do provide the matching hand to complete each pair! Gender-specific or Neutral? Should you give a mix of favors specifically for boys and girls, or keep them neutral? Obviously, it would be easier—and more cost-effective—to prepare neutral gift items. But since you won’t need too many kiddie favors anyway, it can actually be a lot of fun making them gender specific. Just get confirmation about which children will be at the party, then plan away! The key is to personalize the tokens with the names of the children, so each one will feel special.

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