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Spring Favors for a Spa Luncheon Birthday

Give your guests elegant Spring favors inspired by the colorful blooms of the season. It’s time to say farewell to the dreary gray days of winter and welcome Spring in a splash of colors! We’re talking about whimsical favors in bright to pastel hues that will your tablescapes to life.  Start with these 5 easy ideas our staff has gathered for you today:

soap silk favor bags in pastel
Click to view product – Fill these colorful sachets with fragrant floral soaps, bath salts, or a perfume bottle. They’re wonderful to give as favors for a spa-themed birthday celebration. Each sachet is made of high-quality silk shantung and comes in a dual color evoking the beautiful hues of springtime!


Heart Favor Boxes for Soaps "Charisse"
Click to view product – Get your favorite essential oils and create an aromatic potpourri mix. Place them in woven straw boxes. Ours come in purple, pink, and ivory so you can mix and match as you please. Spice them up with an eye-catching organza wrap available in hues of orange, red, lilac, olive green, fuchsia, aqua, and pink.


yellow porcelain eggs for easter or spring spa party
Click to view product – A pretty porcelain keepsake egg is just the thing for a spa party around Easter. Fill them with lovely keepsakes and simply wrap them up in our 12” wraps. You may also give them with pretty ribbons attached to each keepsake.


floral silk sachet for soap favors
Click to view product – Give handpainted flower-inspired silk pouches filled with lavender buds or rose petals. Present them to your guests in a beribboned hand basket!


organza embroidered favor bags for spa favors
Click to view product – Embroidered pouches reminiscent of the Victoria Era are perfect for a vintage birthday with a spa theme. Fill these organza pouches with scented votive candles, hand soaps, or lip balm tins.


When giving spring favors for a spa birthday, remember that it’s the thought that counts. Be creative and add your own flair. Find something inspirational that spring has to offer!

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