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Victorian-inspired Favors for a Vintage Bridal Shower

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Victorian inspired favors

The ultimate in Old World romance and feminine elegance, a Victorian-inspired bridal shower remains the dream of many a bride. It recalls a time when antique lace and feathers were fashion staples, when poetry reading and genteel tea parties were afternoon pastimes, and when refined young ladies blushed at a suitor’s glance. Charm guests into feeling as if they’ve wandered into this bygone era with a boudoir-style setting decorated with frills and lace. But don’t stop there. Continue the air of romance by selecting shower favors in sweet, pastel hues with exquisite detailing.  » Click to view slideshow

Give Favors Inspired by the Romance of the Victorian Era

Pretty lace and tulle bags made with delicate lace and pearls cast a sweet reminder of the Victorian era. Fill them with candies with a nostalgic feel and attach a favor tag thanking each guest. Alternatively, have them hold scented favors like flower-shaped soaps, rose-fragrance bath lotion, or floral potpourri, and add a lovely personal note from the bride. Or for a truly Victorian feel, tuck Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea bags, small fabric-covered journals, or petite books of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s love sonnets (Sonnets from the Portuguese) into these purses as delightful keepsakes.

Present Edible Favors in Dainty Porcelain Boxes

Another wonderful favor idea is to give antique-inspired porcelain boxes that pay homage to those romantic Victorian days, whileholding sweet treats. With their rose motif, footed design, and gold trim, these boxes make lovely dresser accessories or jewelry holders when taken home. At the shower, fill them with white sugar almond dragées and place them atop each place setting—either with lids open or tied closed with a charming pink ribbon. For a festive presentation, arrange them on an elegant favor display table laid with a vintage patterned tablecloth such as damask, with a scattering of loose rose petals. » Click to view slideshow

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Present Mementos Evocative of Victorian Fashion

Lastly, a decidedly Victorian-style memento for shower guests would be miniature satin bridal gowns referencing the fashionable elements of that era. Use these whimsical keepsakes as place card holders at each place setting, or assemble them around a grand bridal shower cake on a Victorian-motif dessert table. Alternatively, display these mini gowns on the reception or guest book table to serve as welcoming favors. When taken home, they may hold a special thank-you card or perhaps a photo to remind guests of this happy occasion. If you love this post, be sure to check our vintage-travel themed favor ideas.

Enchant Guests With Victorian-style Favors

For a bridal shower with a Victorian era setting, continue the nostalgia all the way to the guest favors. Whether in the keepsakes themselves or in their lovely packaging, have them echo the charm and romance of that long-gone period with sweet, feminine hues as well as exquisite detailing. Guests will be simply enchanted!

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