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Using Tropical Fruits as Table Centerpieces for a Wedding

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Using fruits as table decorations

For a luau-themed rehearsal dinner set in summertime, transport your guests to a tropical oasis decorated in the vibrant hues of the season. And what better way to do this than the “natural way”—using sun-kissed fresh fruits! Just imagine table decor and centerpieces fashioned from watermelons, mangoes, pineapples, bananas, cantaloupes, and papayas. You not only get a whole spectrum of vivid colors, you also bring in an array of interesting textures and tempting aromas.  So, if you’re ready, let us show you how to bring the tropics to your party with fruits!

Pointers To Keep in Mind:

1. Wondering where to buy fresh tropical fruits? Try your local farmer’s market or ethnic grocery. They may also be specially ordered from select vendors in places like Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

2. If you want to go even more exotic, consider tropical fruits beyond pineapples like kiwi, carambolas (or star fruit), coconuts, guavas, pomelos, passion fruits, dragon fruits, etc.

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3. Fruits are “naturals” when it comes to creating spectacular centerpieces. Even with the most basic serving pieces such as large glass or wooden bowls, they look instantly attractive because they’re just teeming with texture and color.

4. Your luau may be the first time some guests will get to taste fresh tropical fruits. Prepare mouth-watering shakes such as watermelon or coconut shakes, including banana cake. Make your presentation so irresistible, they’ve got to give it a try!

5. Give unique fruit items as guest favors, like dried mangoes from Hawaii—and present them in an equally unique way, like picture-frame trays! Or make your favors whimsical using pineapple-shaped place cards that are presented in shell card holders.

6. Make tropical fruits a part of the decor of your place settings. Fold up a napkin into the shape of a pineapple! For more ideas on how to create unique table napkins, read Become a Table Napkin Artist.

7. Craft an exotic tropical color palette that is inspired by tropical fruits. Consider vibrant hues such as yellow, fuchsia, and green.

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  1. I love the idea of serving tropical fruit shakes!! And the dried mango presentation looks so beautiful – almost like little rosettes!

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