Hooray! Sensational Cocktails without the Alcohol for a Baby Shower!

Mom-to-be will be the center of attention at her baby shower. So do be sure she’s not left out from enjoying the refreshments—cocktails included. How? By preparing the non-alcoholic kind, nicknamed ‘virgin cocktails’ also known as mocktails! These cool concoctions we’ve found are the perfect blend of freshness, flavor, and health since they’re all made with fruit, vegetables, or herbs. Plus they’re so colorful and prettily presented that they become part of your party decor, too!

Virgin cocktails made with mango, pomegranate, strawberry, lemon

1 – Ginger Pomegranate Citrus Cocktail – Cook fresh pomegranate juice, ginger, and agave nectar into a syrup, pour into pretty glasses along with orange juice and orange liqueur, then top up with sparkling tonic water—in place of champagne. (The Yummy Year Project)

2 – Mango Margarita – Sweet mango nectar with the kick of a special spice blend of chili, salt, and lime. For a virgin version, simply replace the usual tequila with regular lime juice! (Eating Richly)

3 – Kir Speciale – Bubbles and berries! These are what make this drink so party-pretty. Just thaw some frozen berries and drop a few into each glass of sparkling cider, and they’re ready to serve! (Babble)

4 – Persimmon Mint Cooler – Persimmon puree and fresh mint leaves get a citrus lift with lime juice and lemon-lime soda, plus a topping of club soda for some fizz! (Muy Bueno Cookbook)

5 – Virgin Strawberry Smash – A flavorful mix of mashed fresh strawberries and your choice of herbs (mint, basil, cilantro, or verbena), with natural sour mix, ice, and finally seltzer water added. (Driscoll’s)

6 – Lemon Ginger Blast – Make the most of the health benefits of fresh lemons and ginger in this spicy mix, put through a juicer along with fresh apples for some sweetness. For even more kick, add a pinch of cayenne pepper! (Diva Village)

Tips for making your virgin cocktails look extra special for the occasion:

  1. Use natural ingredients like fruit slices or wedges, whole berries, or sprigs of herbs as attractive garnishes.
  2. Include bubbly beverages like sparkling tonic water, sparkling cider, or club soda for that ‘party’ vibe.
  3. Select fancy glassware like champagne or wine flutes, martini or margarita glasses, even colored, etched, or gold-rimmed ones to match your shower motif.
  4. Add colored or patterned straws, pretty glass charms, or decorative swizzle sticks for a really pretty finish.

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