Must-Haves for a Modern Easter Party for Busy Urban Moms

Say “Easter party” and you imagine a flower-filled garden with a grassy area and bushes to hide all those decorated Easter eggs and hold a charming tea party, right? Well, the reality is many families now live in an urban setting. A 2- or 3-bedroom apartment. Perhaps a condominium unit in a high-rise building. But Easter can go on! With some resourceful party supply buying—like our fun must-haves below—it’s possible to decorate your limited space and have creative activities for a small group of your child’s besties. Happy Easter!

Easter Party Planning in a Limited Space

Modern Easter Party Buying Guide for Busy Urban Moms

Bring the Easter spirit to even a small living room, a kitchen breakfast nook or a condo balcony. Dress it up with ready-to-use decorations like honeycomb eggs (5) and painted pastel-colored balloons (2) that you can DIY ahead with the kids!

Think of “double duty” party elements, activities and favors that will take up minimal space. An Easter bunny piñata (3), for example, is both decor and party game. While mini chocolate eggs in a chick-shaped container (8) can serve as a cute centerpiece and treat tray in one! And simple store-bought cupcakes, cookies or donuts will get a party look served on geometric dessert paper plates (6) in soft spring colors.

For party activities, why not have a different kind of Easter egg hunt with plastic Emoji eggs (1) and mini party signs (4) marking off clever hiding places in your home! And since crafts are perfect for a tight space, provide an Emoji Easter egg dye kit (7) for the kiddies to decorate their own party favors to take home afterwards.

Totally doable for busy urban moms, right? And here’s where to source these cool supplies and ideas.

1 – Emoji Plastic Easter EggsOriental Trading
2 – Painted Easter Egg BalloonsAlong Abbey Road with a cool and super-easy tutorial involving pastel-colored balloons, colored and metallic markers, assorted paints, washi tape and your unlimited creativity!
3 – Large Easter Bunny Candy PiñataPiñ
4 – Meri Meri Easter Egg Hunt KitLand of Nod
5 – Honeycomb Easter Egg DecorationsDeco Honeycomb on etsy
6 – Geometric Hexagon Dessert Paper PlatesThe Cake Girls
7 – PAAS Emoji Easter Egg Dye KitTarget
8 – Charbonnel et Walker Chick-shaped Box of Milk Chocolate Mini EggsSaks Fifth Avenue

More party ideas that would work for a limited space, too:

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