Circus Party Favors for a Girl’s Birthday Party Theme

What little girl wouldn’t just love a circus-themed birthday party? Imagine the over-the-top colors and decorations and loads of fun activities for all! So of course, the party favors must be fittingly festive, too. And what could be easier to prepare than treats and sweets that the kids are sure to love and that are circus-inspired, of course!

For our own circus birthday party set, we prepared four sure-hit edible favors—all of which are a breeze to put together. We know how much work goes into planning and hosting a children’s party, so favor ideas that are low-effort but high-impact are the way to go! Step right up to the Big Top, then. The show of favor ideas is about to begin!

Candies in Colorful Wraps


Giving candies as birthday party favors for kids is definitely nothing new to moms all over the world. But in keeping with the carnival atmosphere of the occasion, it’s the packaging that will make your take-home treats extra special. For instance, here, we took scoops of crunchy M&M Peanuts, placed them in clear cello bags, then wrapped them up in different colors of fabric with matching ribbon ties. Super versatile, colorful, and doable in a snap! Alternatively, you can find use colorful tissue wraps that are cut up in squares as perfect substitutes, while crepe paper also works wonders.

Popcorn Cones and Cookie Purses

02-circus-favorsAgain, here are two more favor options where packaging is the key. Popcorn and cookies are definite kiddie favorites, so you’ve got winning favor fillings right there. But to glam them up to circus level, we crafted DIY paper cones shaped like clown hats to hold the popcorn and dainty tulle purses to give a selection of sugar cookies.

For the popcorn, you can have a freshly-popped bowlful for the little guests to fill their clown-hat cones from. While for the cookies purses, you need only add a favor tag with crafty cutout letters!

Rainbow-colored Swirly Pops and Candy Canes


Now, if you’re really pressed for time, you can just pick up an assortment of rainbow-colored sweets from your nearest grocery store! Varied sizes of lollipops with that characteristic spiral design as well as matching candy canes come already wrapped in clear cello, ready to give. Just pile them into clear glass jars or bowls and let the young ones take their pick!

You could also prepare an assortment of jelly beans, gum drops, M&Ms, taffy candy, gummy bears, licorice, and the like—the more colorful, the better. Just have little take-out boxes (available at party supply and craft stores) on hand, waiting for the guests to fill! Finish each one with a cute bow and a circus-themed tag.

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