Weekly Roundup #10: Cool & Creepy Halloween Cocktails

It’s the grownups’ turn this week! We found 5 cleverly creepy drinks that you can serve to the adults at your upcoming Halloween parties. Each one uses either a striking color or a ghoulish glass or garnish, or some magical ingredient to entice guests to take a sip. See which one casts a spell on you!

5 Halloween Cocktail Recipes: Serving Up Some Spookiness!

Aside from providing fascinating recipes to try, these 5 drink-finds show off some pretty cool presentation ideas, too.

Frightfully Unique Halloween Cocktails

1 – Halloween Martini by Hairspray and High Heels
Basically a raspberry martini, made with infused vodka and garnished with fresh berries—then trimmed with the cutest drink tags.

2 – Polyjuice Potion Cocktail by Bijoux and Bits
Lime sherbet and cream soda are the only ingredients…plus vodka, if for adults. And of course, skull-shaped glasses and ‘tombstone’ straw toppers make for a deadly serving idea!

3 – Purple Potion from Baked by Joanna
This chic concoction gets its color from pomegranate soda, and its curling wisps of smoke from a mini cube of dry ice in each glass (not to be consumed, please!).

4 – Witch’s Brew Cocktail from Recipe Diaries
Guess what makes this green. Lime gelatin! While vodka makes it for grownups. (And isn’t that glass amazing?!)

5 – Magic Cotton Candy Martini by The Cookie Rookie
The fun happens when grape juice with vodka is poured over a glassful of cotton candy, and it instantly disappears! [Tips: Have a vodka-less version for the kids. They’ll just love the magic! Or serve an orange juice option, too, for a really colorful Halloween effect.]

Such frightful fun in cocktail form! Plus more in these 2 posts:

Halloween Cocktail Ideas with an Eerie Twist

Cool Halloween Cocktails: Ideas on How to Make Them Spookily Stunning

Have your own Halloween drink concoction? Share it with us in a comment below. We’re ‘dying’ to hear about it!

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