Milk Tea + Finger Food Recipes for a Fall Boba Tea Party

The craze for bubble tea concoctions seems here to stay. In fact, it’s even going seasonal! So if you loved our post on how to plan a boba tea and snacks party, wait till you see what’s in store here. Surprise, surprise! We found awesome recipes for milk tea creatively infused with the beloved flavors of fall.

And that’s not all! Since milky, flavored teas with tapioca pearls originated in Taiwan, we looked for bite-size savory servings inspired by Asia, too. So you can have these as perfect food and drinks pairings for a truly unique autumn boba tea party menu!

Milk Tea Recipes Flavored for Fall

Classic boba tea ingredients get a seasonal spin in these 5 recipes. Try them out for fun, then choose a couple to wow your party guests with.

Fall boba drinks in flavors of apple, maple, and brown sugar

1 – Sugar-free Pumpkin Pie Boba Milk Tea

Ready-to-use fall flavored syrup from Torani makes this bubble tea a breeze to mix up in minutes!

2 – Maple Milk Tea (The Taste Bytes)

Freshly brewed loose leaf tea and almond milk, sweetened with maple syrup, chilled with crushed ice, and made fun with tapioca pearls. So easy!

3 – Apple Cider Milk Tea with Boba and Caramel Apple

This recipe from Magical Ingredients is like having caramel apple pie and cheesecake flavors in iced tea! Thanks to a caramel apple dip, cream cheese whip, apple cider, black tea, and boba.

4 – Brown Sugar Masala Chai Boba

C&H Sugar brings us this aromatic Indian tea perked up with spices, then made party-ready with tapioca pearls and a coating of brown sugar caramel lining the glass.

5 – Twinings Earl Grey Bubble Tea

Traditional English tea by Twinings gets a trendy update with boba in sugar syrup and milk for a creamy finish.

Asian-inspired Snacks to Go with Boba Tea

Give a nod to the Asian roots of milk tea. Serve the bubble beverage along with these handy-to-serve appetizers that will give your guests a taste of China, Japan, or Korea right in the midst of fall!

Boba snacks from gyoza to turnip cake.

Two popular finger foods from China that could grace your autumn party menu are Asian Chicken Wonton Cups (1 – recipe from Betty Crocker) and Chicken Egg Rolls (2 – recipe from Chef Katie Chin). The flavorful fillings in crunchy wrappings are always a hit!

From Japan, how about tender Gyoza, Pan-fried Dumplings (3 – recipe from Kikkoman) stuffed with minced meat and served with a soy sauce and vinegar dipping sauce?

Finally, consider two savory cakes that are staples in China and Korea: Scallion Pancakes (4 – recipe from Healthy Fitness Meals) and Turnip Cakes (5 – recipe from Instant Pot). Healthy choices with their delicately flavored veggie fillings.

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