Summer Baby Shower Themes Great for Sunny Days

Lucky little one who is expected during the sunshiny months of summer! You get to plan a fun, open air baby shower to announce his or her arrival. The party venue could be your backyard, a poolside deck, a garden nook, or a breezy porch. Any place to make the most of the balmy weather. And with the right theme, Mom- and Dad-to-be will have a memorable celebration to look back on—while guests enjoy the themed food, fun, and games!

So, what themes capture that cheery summer vibe? We have 10 right here for you. The photos provide that spark of inspiration. But do go ahead and click on each link for the full party details and/or the product info for pulling off your chosen theme. Then, have a blast of a baby shower! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Outdoor & Active Themes

As we said, this is outdoor season. So these first 5 baby shower themes we chose to feature—both our own and from other great sources—take advantage of the open space and fresh air to be out and active.

Summer baby shower themes from cowboy to surfer baby themes

1 – Little Cowboy theme

You can tell just by looking at all the decorative details, from straw hats to hay bales to bandanas to cowboy boots, that we so enjoyed creating this baby shower setup. You will, too! And you mustn’t miss our DIY stick horse tutorial as favors for this theme!

2 – Safari theme

Another of our own sets is this adorable jungle setting, made so easy with stuffed toy animals doubling as table centerpieces and an inviting welcome display. Then, guests can take these home as shower favors afterwards.

3 – Golf theme

If the expectant parents are avid golfers or are dreaming of baby being a future U.S. Open champion, then this is surely a theme to consider. DIY Inspired provides all the creative inspiration and practical tips for a hole-in-one baby shower!

4 – Baseball theme

From Parties with a Cause, here’s another sports-related theme to hit a homerun of a baby shower with. You could root for a fave team, in this case the Yankees. Or you could go for some charming vintage baseball nostalgia, as in a post of our own.

5 – Surfing theme

If you’re lucky enough to have a poolside area, here’s a way to set that wind-and-waves ambiance in a snap. Just hang up a Baby on Board surfing-themed banner (we found this one on Amazon), create surfboard centerpieces, and serve up a tropical party menu.

Food & Fruits Themes

Speaking of menus, summer also offers up food and fruit-inspired themes that are both delicious and decorative in one! These 5 we are featuring are perfect for a baby shower on a sunny day.

Food and fruit theme BABY SHOWERS from taco to bbq to watermelon

6 – Taco theme

Flavor-packed and festive, a taco bar is a fun way to have guests serve themselves (so less work for the hosts!). But how to highlight the baby shower angle? With a set of “Taco Bout a Baby” metallic letter-balloons like these from Amazon.

7 – BBQ theme

Take a cue from another summer staple: a backyard BBQ cookout! Serve the traditional grilled dishes, sides, condiments, and desserts under a Baby-Q party banner with matching buffet cards available on Amazon. Ideal for a casual at-home gathering.

8 – Tropical flamingo theme

Party-worthy DIY decorations, thanks to Dollar Tree! That’s the secret shared by I Think We Could Be Friends for this fabulous flamingo-themed baby shower, with everything self-assembled—from the balloon garland to the flamingo centerpiece to the buffet accessories. So how does this become fruit-inspired? With a citrus-themed baby shower menu!

9 – Watermelon theme

Yet another fruit that shouts out summer, watermelon makes a fun focal point for baby shower food, drinks, and even decorations. Just look at this delightful baby carriage fruit bowl, carved out of a whole watermelon. Tutorial courtesy of

Strawberry baby shower theme

10 – Strawberry theme

Finally, another one of our own posts on a fruity baby shower theme. It’s hard to beat strawberries for sheer country charm, versatile recipes for treats and drinks, and bright pops of color to decorate with.

Now, aren’t you excited to be planning a summertime baby shower? The theme choices make the most of the season, and are easier to pull together than you’d expect!