Trunk Party Ideas for a Summer of Social Distancing

With sunnier months now here, you’re surely wishing for outdoor parties and picnics, right? But social distancing is still advised. So, we thought we’d share this super-fun, yet safer alternative you can try: trunk parties!

That’s right. It’s like a spin-off from those tailgate parties during football season. But now you don’t even need a pickup truck. You can just load up your SUV’s trunk with decorations, food, drinks and desserts; drive to a park, picnic grounds, or an open field—and celebrate with family out in the sunshine and fresh air!

*Important reminder: Be sure to check ahead if the spot you have in mind will allow this type of gathering, and what requirements or restrictions they may have.

Trunk Party Themes, Decor and Food Ideas for Picnics to Tea Parties

While tailgate parties tended to be all about football, this new trend of trunk parties can have any theme you fancy. See the amazingly varied examples we found, with matching "in theme" decorations and party fare—all magically appearing from a vehicle’s trunk!

Trunk Party Ideas from Picnics to Tea Parties

1 – Right in time for the 4th of July, here’s a patriotic Fireworks Tailgate Celebration from Amy’s Party Ideas. Stars and stripes and festive bunting set the scene, while hot dogs, chips, push pops, sodas, tarts, and fresh fruits are laid out in disposable red-white-and-blue serve ware.

2 & 3 – Perfect for summer family time, too, are these two tailgate picnic parties. One is from Tatertots and Jello in all aqua and pink (2)— from the galvanized buckets for food packs, drinks, and flowers, to the raspberry lemonade in mason jar mugs. The other is from Echoes of Laughter, also in bright and cheerful colors and fun patterns (3)—from the picnic mat to the single-serve snacks to the cutest paper lanterns.

4, 5 & 6 – Another trend we found is character or storybook themed "trunk or treat" parties. Imagine a tea party inspired by the Mad Hatter and Alice (4) like this one from A Lovely Design, or an Alice in Wonderland tea party setup (5) like this one from DIY Inspired—complete with giant flowers and playing cards all spilling out of your car trunk!

Then, there’s this trunk or treat party with a Hogwarts / Harry Potter theme (6) from The Quiet Grove. Great DIY ideas and free printables to keep it eerie but easy!

7 & 8 – Once fall football season comes around, why not plan a modified tailgate party in your SUV, too? As Homemade Interest did, you could create a fab football field backdrop (7) out of grass carpet and white duct tape, then lay out sliders, popcorn, and bottled drinks just like at a game. 

Or as in this setup by The Every Hostess, you could root for your favorite team with a fun bunting banner (8), then have a fancy display of hot dogs with garnishes, watermelon slices, popcorn, and even a foldable bar cart (seen in the full post).

What will you load up your trunk with to party this summer? Start planning with the family!

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