Family Movie Night Signs: to DIY or BUY

"Now showing!" Your favorite films right in your own home. Revive family movie night with all the perks—popcorn, chips, nuts, soda drinks and juices—to make this a great bonding activity for all, from Dad and Mom to the kids. Ramp up the excitement by planning the viewing area. Start with a cozy couch, add a snacks station, and display a striking marquee-style movie night sign or a nostalgic retro poster.

Whether you opt to craft your sign or order a ready-made one, just this single element will make this an extra-special family event—especially for the kids. Come see our fab finds for movie night signs to DIY or buy! (*this post contains affiliate links)

DIY Marquee-style Movie Night Signs

Remember those vintage movie marquees lighting up cinema entrances? Capture the look (if not the actual lights) with homemade signs like these!

DIY Marquee-style Movie Night Signs

Take a tip from Our Homemade Life for this surprisingly simple DIY lighted marquee sign (1), using black foam board, a metallic marker, an Xacto knife, and string lights. That’s it!

Go with customizable instant-download files like these Movie Party Printables (2) from FestiveFetti on etsy. Just print and pop into a frame.

Mimic the real thing by assembling a DIY Movie Night Marquee Sign with Lights (3) out of a shadow box with globe lights and blingy accents, as Engineer Mommy did.

Or call on your carpentry skills to transform a wooden tray into a cool movie night marquee sign (4) decorated with a director’s clapper board and a bag of popcorn. Thanks for the tutorial, Michelle’s Party Plan-it!

Family Movie Night Signs to Buy

Going for a vintage vibe for your movie night? Or looking for something reusable or customizable with your names? Here are ready-to-buy picks to consider!

Family Movie Night Signs to Buy

1 – Give your family movie night that retro feel with these Movie Treats Vintage Metal Tin Signs (from Amazon).

2 – For a versatile accessory to light up other family events, too, check out this Cinema Light Box with 240 Letters, Numbers, Symbols & Emojis (from Amazon).

Thrill the kids by having the family name "in lights"! Choose a customizable sign like these:

3 – Movie Theatre Marquee Home Cinema / Custom Name Plaque (from Zazzle)

4 – 10" x 10" Personalized Family Home Movie Theater Faux Canvas Print (from Zazzle)

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