Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Basket: A Special Surprise!

Craft your own homemade Valentine’s Day gift basket for someone special this year! We’ve gathered three of our own ideas to show you how to put together a simple to outright bountiful gift basket filled with gourmet treats and goodies. It might just make a wonderful surprise gift for someone to take on a romantic afternoon picnic.

Simple to Bountiful Valentine’s Gift Basket Ideas

Valentine's Day gift baskets DIY Ideas

1 – Gourmet gift basket
What to use: Surprise your recipient with an assortment of choice goodies—such as gourmet chips, a wedge of cheese, a box of fine chocolates, a lovely scented candle, and a bundle of specialty coffee beans.

2 – Bountiful picnic basket
What to use: How can you express “love” with a basket? How about a bountiful one filled with home-baked treats from your own kitchen, or something special like items for an Italian picnic. Think crusty bread sticks, gourmet cheese, jars of pesto spread, chocolates, and a bottle of Italian wine!

3 – Wine and roses basket
What to use: A bouquet of red roses at Valentine’s is expected. Transform it into a romantic surprise, along with a wine glass filled with chocolate Kisses, packaged potpourri, a heart box of special cookies, a bottle of body lotion wrapped in organza, fresh grapes, and a wine you both love. For some added romance, you may also choose a bottle of champagne, some luscious chocolate strawberries, and a platter of select gourmet cheeses. Tip: You can also use an ice bucket instead of a basket!

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