How to Make Snow Play Safe and Simple with FAUX Snow!

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Yes! But the temp’s not sub-zero where you are, so no snow? Or it’s waaay too frigid outside, so you’d prefer the little ones staying safe and warm indoors?

Well, they can still have all the fun of snow play (okay, maybe minus the snowball fights) right in your home kitchen or family room. The secret: your very own homemade fake snow!

Wondering about the method and worried about the mess? Well, here are 7 super-simple ways to make faux snow using readily available household items. Plus, clean-up is a breeze AND you and the kids will have a blast!

7 Recipes for Fake Snow: Easy and Kid-friendly

Apparently, there are quite a number of ways to create what looks and feels like snow, from supplies you probably already have on hand. So we’ve divided up these 7 how-to’s we found into 3 using baking soda, 3 using other household supplies, plus the last one using a surprise material!

Read through the great step-by-step tutorials. Some even give tips on texture and temperature of the mixture for a “real snow” feel, and adding glitter for a bit of magic!

Then, take your pick of which one your kids can manage and will enjoy.

Faux Snow Recipes Using Baking Soda

Making fake snow with baking soda

1 – Cornstarch and baking soda + water – from Little Bins for Little Hands

2 – Baking soda + shaving cream + glitter (optional) – from Simply Designing

3 – Baking soda + white hair conditioner – from Made With Happy

Faux Snow Recipes Using Other Materials

Unique ways to make faux snoe

4 – Salt + water – 1 of 3 options from Playing With Rain

5 – DIY snow flocking: Grated white soap bar + a little water – from A Piece of Rainbow

6 – “Clean mud”: Grated white soap + cut-up toilet/tissue paper + water – from Craftberry Bush

Lastly: Faux Snow Made From …..

Image via Purple House Blog

7 – Cut-up white plastic shopping bags – from Purple House Blog

Now, why didn’t we think of that?!

How else can you use faux snow?

Winter tablescape with faux snow