Lego Building Christmas Party Ideas: DIY Decorations, Themed Sets to Treats!

Remember the hours of creative fun you had with those classic, colored bricks? Maybe your own kids are into them now, too. Well, why not span the Lego-loving generations by having a family Christmas party with a Lego building theme?

You can each assemble festive Lego holiday ornaments and accent pieces from scratch, then add them to your Christmas decor. Or you could work together on building a holiday-themed Lego set. Or even bake and decorate treats shaped like Lego bricks or "minifig" characters. And you can make these all happen with the amazing DIY ideas, themed sets, and recipes we’re featuring right here! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Hint: Beyond the Holidays to Birthdays! 

Lego is such a popular party theme that you can use it year-round. Check out our series of posts on planning a Lego birthday party—one on decorating ideas, another on party food from cakes to treats, and a third on party games and activities. All inspired by Lego!

Lego Christmas Decorations You Can DIY

From tiny tree ornaments to tabletop display pieces, you can use your collection of classic Lego bricks and accessories to assemble the most charming additions to your holiday decor. Just see the creative projects we found—follow the how-to or make your own!

Lego Christmas Decorations You Can DIY

1 – Lego Christmas Tree Advent Calendar – from A Few Small Adventures

2 – Lego Santa – from Lego DIY

3 – DIY Lego Christmas Wreaths – from Alex Gladwin (Bump to Baby & Beyond)

4 – Lego Christmas Stocking Ornament – from CustomBRICKS (via The Family Brick)

5 – Lego Snowglobe – from Mini Eco

6 – Lego Toy Train Christmas Tree Ornament – from DoodleCraft Blog

7 – DIY Lego Holiday Ornament – from The Cents’ Able Shoppin

Lego Christmas Themed Sets You Can Buy to Build

As a fun party activity, make it a family project with one of the more complex holiday-themed sets in the Lego CREATOR collection. Or choose a sweet and simple set for the littlest ones. There’s something for everyone, as in this sample selection available on Amazon.

Lego Christmas Themed Sets You Can Buy to Build

1 – Lego Creator Christmas Tree

2 – Lego Nutcracker

3 – Lego Creator Holiday Bakery

4 – Lego Gingerbread Man

5 – Lego Bricks Santa

Lego-inspired Holiday Treats to Make

The Lego Christmas creativity goes on to goodies, too! Gather in the kitchen to try out these recipes together for adorable cookies, cupcakes and cake pops inspired by Lego bricks and figures. Or make them ahead to serve as party treats!

Lego-inspired Holiday Treats to Make

1 – Lego Rice Krispie Treats – from The Partiologist

2 – Lego Minifig Rice Krispie Treats – from Midwestern Moms

3 – Lego-themed Cupcakes – from Smiley’s Sweets and Creations

4 – Lego Brownies – from For Modern Kids

5 – Lego Christmas Cookies – from The Lunchbox Season

6 – Marshmallow Lego Pops – from In Katrina’s Kitchen

You can even take this Lego Building Christmas Party virtual with family and friends joining in! Have everyone bring out their Lego collections, then assemble decorations, create holiday accessories, and decorate treats together online. "Oh, what fun!"

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