12 Mini Easter Basket Ideas: Made for Kids or By Kids!

Make sure your little ones still enjoy the delights of Easter this year. Plan a simple at-home Easter egg hunt, decorate with fun Easter accessories, and set out supplies for adorable DIY Easter crafts. And among those projects, you’ve got to include the cutest mini Easter baskets for you and your kids to make—then send to family members, friends, and neighbors!

And we’ve got just the inspiration to get you all egg-cited, whether to craft from scratch or to semi-DIY. In fact, we dug up a dozen mini Easter basket ideas, all easy and made using readily available supplies and fun fillings. Hop on in!

A Dozen Delightful Mini Easter Baskets to Make

There’s something here for every crafting skill and kiddie age level. The key is to choose an Easter basket project or two that you’ll all find a joy to make—then to share as gifts.

Mini Easter Favor Baskets

1 – Jute-wrapped party cups – Just follow the easy tutorial from At Home on the Bay for these rustic-look baskets, then fill with malted candy eggs or other sweets.

2 – Ice cream cup baskets – Take a tip from Tauni Everett and use paper ice cream cups in the prettiest pastel prints, add a cardstock handle and printable sticker to each, and fill with Easter goodies.

3 – Mini bunny felt baskets – With even the most basic of sewing skills, you can put together these adorable "bunny box" baskets made with felt sheets. Consumer Crafts/Crafts Unleashed includes a downloadable template in their tutorial.

4 – Ready-made mini metal pails in pastel colors – Savvy Saving Couple filled these with an assortment of Pastel-wrapped Kisses, tiny toy chicks, chocolate eggs, Easter egg swirl pops and chocolate bunny pops. Choose your own treats!

5 – Wood craft stick baskets – Look what The Joy of Sharing crafted out of colored craft sticks, cardboard rolls, pipe cleaners, washi tape, and flower-shaped craft gems.

6 – Fabric Easter baskets – Polka Dot Chair offers this free sewing pattern for the sweetest Easter baskets made with floral, bunny, and gingham print fabrics. Perfect for egg-gathering!

7 – Upcycled jar mini baskets – Using empty candle holders or any small jars you have on hand, check out how Crafting a Green World covered these in colored craft paper, then added Easter cut-outs and "straw" filling cut from magazines.

8 – Mini plastic cup Easter baskets – A variation on #1, these baskets from DIY Inspired use regular plastic party glasses cut down to the right height, then wrapped in natural twine and filled with chocolate eggs.

Cute  Mini Easter Baskets to Make

9 – DIY baskets filled with popcorn bunny food – What else do you put in pastel-colored popcorn boxes but "bunny food" made from popcorn mixed with assorted pastel sprinkles? Check out the how-to from Brite and Bubbly.

10 – Straw favor baskets – For country charm, you can’t beat petite straw baskets (from the Bellenza SHOP), that you can then fill with tiny flowers, candy-coated almonds, or pink jelly beans and trim with ribbon.

11 – Capiz mini baskets – Delicate pink-tinted capiz shell baskets (also from the Bellenza SHOP) would make lovely holders for Easter sweets or trinkets to give as gifts.

12 – "Woven" paper cup mini baskets – The kiddos will enjoy this "dixie cup" project we found by Betz White, that uses weaving of decorated paper strips to create a basket effect.

Their mini size makes these Easter baskets just so appealing. And being able to craft, decorate, and fill them together with the family makes them even more special!

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