Moroccan Afternoon Tea Party: Easy Exotic Decor and Menu Ideas!

Flying off to exotic locations may be just a dream for now. But for an extra-special at-home gathering, why not plan a Moroccan-themed Tea Party! That way, you can be transported to a magical Arabian Nights setting right in your own living room.

These fabulous photos from our Arabian Nights bridal shower set show how you can pull together the luxe look of the Middle East. Plus how you can savor tea party finger foods and treats inspired by far-off Morocco, including their famed mint tea, of course (*this post contains affiliate links). Oh, and do add the fun of dressing up in chic lounge attire for the occasion!

Inspiration for a Luxe Moroccan Tea Party Setting

Luxe Moroccan Tea Party Setting

Let these pics give you ideas for turning even a small spot in your home into a little piece of Casablanca or Marrakech for your tea party.

Create a lounge area look by clearing some floor space of furniture, and laying out a large rug or layering several small ones. Arrange as many throw pillows, floor pillows, poufs, or ottomans as you have (or can borrow)—along with silky scarves or throws for color and texture. Then, have lap tables or trays amidst all the pillows, so your tea glasses and finger foods will be right within reach.

For a tea party table setting, lay out a beaded scarf as a sparkly runner. Then, in place of a centerpiece, make a grouping of glass bowls with floating candles and flower buds for some lovely glitter and glow. 

Serve Morrocan mint tea in traditional gold-trimmed Moroccan tea glasses (see our product picks below). And glam up a selection of dried dates, figs, and apricots, dainty almond cookies, and roasted nuts by displaying them in mini gold frames as trays. 

Finally for sweets, treat everyone to a creamy dessert pudding topped with chopped pistachios, or the decadent Mediterranean delicacy baklava!

Moroccan-inspired Recipe and Serving Ideas

Moroccan-inspired Recipe and Serving Ideas and Favors

Now, for what to serve at your tea party and how to serve them. Plus, what to give guests as favors. With just these basics, you’ll be all set!

1 – Casablanca Market CASA IN Moroccan New Morjana Tea Glasses

2 – Harvey & Sons "Moroccan Mint" Loose Leaf Tea

3 – Assortment Sweets Gift Box – Baklava, Pistachio and Almond

4 – Meskouta recipe – A traditional Morrocan cake made with either orange juice or yogurt as the main ingredient, and served plain without frosting (recipe from Tea Collection)

5 – Moroccan Bakery, Sweets and Pastry recipe book

6 – Fabric wrapped candles (tassels not included) – via the Bellenza SHOP

A traditional vintage-style tea party definitely has its charms. But a Moroccan-inspired one can be quite an exciting escape from the stuck-at-home blues, don’t you think?

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