Rev Up the Revelry with a Graduation Parade Drive-by Party

Who knew that having your very own parade would now be the way to go for a milestone celebration? Well, drive-by events have definitely become a thing in the last year—from kiddie birthdays to sweet 16 occasions even to wedding anniversaries! So it’s the next-best (and safest) alternative to gathering to mark your daughter’s, sister’s or best friend’s graduation.

Here are some cool, creative ideas for a graduation drive-by parade all themed and color-coordinated in honor of the new grad. She’s sure to be thrilled! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Graduation Drive-by Parade Party Decor, Goodies and Supplies

Sharing our picks for parade party essentials—both ready-made and make-able. Plus they’ll help you create a pulled-together look in traditional graduation "black and gold."

Graduation Parade Drive-by Party Ideas

Set the parade party wheels in motion by sending out personalizable photo invites, like this Car Parade Marquee Graduation Invitation (1) from Purple Trail. They’d make great graduation keepsakes, too!

Let guests know that you’ll be decking out your family car, using a Graduation Parade Car Decorations Kit (2) available on Amazon. So they can check out similar kits as well, or assemble their own DIY car decorations instead.

Come parade day itself, surprise the excited grad with a themed Graduation Tassel Cake (3), home-baked with the help of Wilton’s recipe. Then, show off the special curbside or front yard decorations you’ve set up to announce the occasion and welcome the drive-by "paraders"—like a Class of 2021 graduation banner (4) and a balloon garland arch (5), both available on Amazon.

Then, just before the parade is about to come by, set out a table for favors that the drive-by guests can take. Two great ideas we found are these DIY graduation cap gift boxes (6) courtesy of Quiet Grove, that you can fill with assorted grad-themed goodies including treats like these adorable Ferrero Rocher graduation caps (8) from Party Pinching.

Finally, this milestone can’t possibly pass without pics of all the special people who joined the parade! But, in place of the usual photo booth, set up a photo guest book table (7) on your front lawn or sidewalk, taking cues from My Inspiration’s example. Display a mini poster or frame of the graduate’s pics and have an instant camera for guests to snap their selfies and mount them on a scrapbook along with their graduation wishes!

More Grad Party Inspiration for You

Whether drive-by, at-home, or virtual, a graduation party can be just as memorable with decorations, themes, and color choices like these:

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