How to Plan a Hip Sweet 16 Drive-by Birthday Parade for your Daughter

While birthday celebrations in large gatherings are on hold right now, holding a sweet 16 drive-by birthday may just be the thing to get your spirits uplifted! Think festive balloons, glittering garlands, and bright banners to bring the birthday to your curbside. Give the parade a sweet ending with treat bags filled with goodies as a wonderful reminder of the birthday parade (*this post contains affiliate links).

Sweet 16 Drive-by Birthday Parade Ideas

Sweet 16 Drive-by Birthday Parade Ideas

While party may be by the curb, why not surprise the celebrant with an elegant tiara (1 – via the Rosemarie Collections) to wear during the parade. Then, decorate your curbside for a Sweet 16-ready look complete with the following elements: Yard Signs (from 2 – Flamingos2Go), a Sweet 16 Banner (3 – from Amazon) and Jumbo Sweet 16 Mylar Balloons (4 – via Sweet 16 Party Store).

For drive-by party favors and treats, give would-be greeters a personalized (sticker via Amazon) grab bag filled with  mini cupcakes (5 – Baked by Melissa) and a sweet 16 personalized chocolate bar (6 – via WH Candy). You can also include other favor fillings that are pre-packaged like hand sanitizers, lip balm, lollipops, and bottled drinks.

How to Make the Parade FUN and safe for everyone!

  1. Play festive music that everyone can enjoy.
  2. Have a Polaroid camera ready so you can give your guests a photo as they leave!
  3. Set up a shaded area where you can place a drop-off table for presents.
  4. Provide a favor table by your curb that would allow guests to take their treat bags from a distance.
  5. Have a birthday sing-a-long of your favorite songs.
  6. Encourage guests to decorate their cars with balloons, banners, and signs.

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