Wedding Favors You Can Drink: Refreshing and Fun Ideas!

Favors You Can Drink: Refreshing and Fun!

Are you looking for a wedding favor idea that can suit virtually any theme, plus is handy, pre-packaged (or needs minimal trimmings), and budget-friendly all in one? Well, have we got a suggestion for you: drinkable wedding favors!

Not only are these fun novelty gifts for guests, but you can choose from 3 options. One is to buy ready-made drinks in bottles or cans that you can simply add tags to. Another is to go with homemade beverages you will bottle yourselves and attach personalized labels. And a third is to order proprietary or artisanal drinks from a vendor who can personalize the packaging for you. We’ve explored these 3 options for you with product and packaging picks, so read on! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Option 1: Ready-made Drinks You Can Personalize with Homemade Tags or Labels

This is a great approach for bottled or canned beverages such as soda (look out for retro editions, if that’s your theme), champagne, sparkling rosé wine, or other liquors. The bottles or cans are often designed so stylishly that you only need to add DIY favor tags you’ve printed yourselves.

Ready-made Drinks You Can Personalize with Homemade Tags or Labels

To purchase these drinks in bulk, just click on the links below.

1 – Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider, 8.4 fl. oz. (Pack of 12) via Amazon

2 – Frostie Blue Cream Soda, 12 ounce (12 glass bottles). Ships from and sold by Glass Bottled Soda, via Amazon

3 – Coca-Cola Aluminum Bottles, 8.5 fl. oz. (24 pack) via Amazon

4 – Original New York Seltzer Black Cherry Soda, 10-ounce glass bottles (Pack of 12) via Amazon

5 – Ramune Japanese Soft Drink Mix Variety – 6 flavors (6 bottles) via Amazon

6 – Illy Caffe Unsweetened – Italian Espresso Style Coffee Drink (12 pack) via Amazon

Option 2: Mix and Bottle Your Own Beverages, then Order Personalized Tags or Labels

If you have the recipe for a special beverage like homemade apple cider, lemonade, limoncello, or Bellini drink, mix up your own drinkable favors. You can buy containers in bulk like mason jars or empty wine bottles. Then, obtain labels or tags from a vendor who can personalize them for you, and package your drinkable favors to match your theme.

These label options would work, too, if you plan to personalize a special vintage wine from a particular year or a craft beer from a local brewery.

Mix and Bottle Your Own Beverages, then Order Personalized Tags or Labels

These customizable tags and labels are just a few clicks away:

1 – Mini Wine Labels – professionally designed and printed for mini-size bottles (set of 10). Ships from and sold by Wine Dine and Design, via Amazon

2 – Personalized Mini Wine Bottle Labels Sticker – weather-proof (sold in sets of 10). Ships from and sold by LoveAtEverySight, via Amazon

3 – Personalized themed water bottle label – ready-to-stick adhesive labels, fully customizable with your themed design and personalized message; available from Beau-coup

4 – “Let Love Grow” Personalized Drink Labels – printed on tear-resistant, water-proof vinyl with self-adhesive backing, fully customizable with your own “wedding beverage brand”; available from Beau-coup

5 – Sweet Tea Wedding Favor Tags – ideal for a rustic-themed wedding using mismatched mason jars and bottles for added charm; available from Evermine

6 – Personalized Beer Bottle Labels – for beer favors to be given at a rustic chic wedding, have your wedding info customized on these standard 12-oz. bottle labels; available in sets of 6 from Personalization Mall

Option 3: Order from a Beverage Vendor and Have Them Personalize the Packaging

If there happens to be a specialty drinks vendor in the locale of your destination wedding or a popular artisanal beverage maker in your hometown, why not order from them for your favors? Some of these suppliers include customized labels or packaging for special occasions, like weddings.

Order from a Beverage Vendor and Have Them Personalize the Packaging

To have stylish or fun drinks favors like these, consider these options:

1 – My Jones Custom-Labeled Soda – Choose from their unique array of flavors and have them create custom labels for your Big Day; available for 6 or 12 bottles from Jones Soda Co.

2 – Case Korbel Sweet Cuvee –  California sweet champagne in mini size perfect for favors (24 x 187 ml.); personalized tags and ribbon may be ordered, available from Korbel.

3 – Bulk Personalized 8 fl oz. glass bottles of Coca-Cola – A cool option for a retro-themed wedding. You can enter up to 100 unique names by simply typing them in to the page on this link, then place your order; available from the Coca-Cola Store.

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