Hand Sanitizer Wedding Favors: How to Choose to Buy, Semi- or Full-DIY

Hand sani favor ideas

Think about it. As a wedding guest yourself, you’d surely appreciate receiving favors that are practical and usable, right? So, here’s a thoughtful option for today’s couples that’s timely and healthy: hand sanitizer wedding favors!

Worried it may seem uncool? Not with these choices we’re featuring. As you’ll see, whether you decide to go with ready-to-give sanitizer favors, take the semi-DIY packaging approach, or assemble everything from scratch—the results can be pretty darn cute and surprisingly affordable! Plus, everyone knows that hand hygiene is a must these days. So read on, take your pick, and spread the love—not the germs! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Option A: Buy ready-made favors with personalized options

Ready Made Options for Hand Sani Wedding Favors

This is the hassle-free choice for sure—with many online vendors offering different sanitizer scents, themed label designs, plus the chance to add your wedding details to their available labels for a personal touch.

Personalized Farmhouse Eucalyptus Sanitizer Favors - from Amazon

1 – Personalized Farmhouse Eucalyptus Sanitizer Favors – from Amazon

Personalized Hand Sani from Beau-coup.

2 – Wedding Silhouette Personalized Hand Sanitizers – from Beau-coup

3 – Exclusive Personalized Hand Sanitizers – from My Wedding Favors

4 – Metallic Foil Hand Sanitizers – from David’s Bridal

Option B: Buy sanitizers in plain bottles and attach your own labels 

Labels or bulk plain hand sani wedding favors

This is a semi-DIY approach using plain containers pre-filled with sanitizing liquid or gel. You then get to choose printable labels or hang tags online or design and print your own, and attach them to the bottles for giving.

from Laughing Pandas

1 – These Luau Bridal Shower Party Favors from Laughing Pandas show how to play up your chosen theme—for example, by matching tropical hand sanitizer labels with cute pineapple hang tags.

From Evermine

2 – In this example, Evermine provides a recipe for mixing Homemade Hand Sanitizer with Thieves Oil and a tutorial for filling the bottles. But you could buy pre-filled sanitizers instead, then stick on these pretty butterfly rectangle labels also from Evermine.

3 – These Perfectly Plain Collection Sanitizer Favors from Amazon are a friendly
15ml size. The bottle dimensions are given (2 5/8" tall x 1 1/4" wide x 3/4" deep) to guide you in choosing the right label size and shape.

4 – These Blank Hand Sanitizer Bottles from Totally Promotional come in a practical 2-oz. size, in either unscented or citrus scent. Just add your own creativity via personalized and/or themed labels.

5 – Another handy option is this Moisture Bead Sanitizer with Carabiner from 4imprint.com that comes in unscented and scented variants, and allows you to choose from 54 color combinations of the carabiner clip and the vitamin E beads inside. Then, just add your label.

6 – Similar to our pick #3 above, this Hand Sanitizer with Moisture Beads and Carabiner Clip from Garrett Specialties is a great take-along favor idea for an outdoor, beach, or travel-themed wedding. It also offers color choices for the metal clips and moisture beads, plus custom printing of the labels.

Option C: Purchase bulk containers of sanitizer and assemble the favors yourself


Feel up to try full DIY? Here’s the process:

  • Purchase large bottles or jugs of hand sanitizer (see our picks below) and empty mini dispensing bottles.
  • Choose customizable printable labels (like those we found below) or design and print your own.
  • Finally, fill the little bottles from the bulk jug, apply the labels, and add other favor trimmings as you wish.

More work, but the cost savings just may convince you!

Hand Sanitizer in Bulk Containers

1 – Purell Hand Sanitizer, Pump Bottle, 2L – available from Amazon

2 – Equate Hand Sanitizer with Aloe, 34 fl.oz. – available from Walmart

3 – Up&Up™ Hand Sanitizer, 32 fl.oz. – available from Target

Examples of Labels (Pre-printed and Plain)

Hand sanitizer personalized labels

The challenge with this DIY option is that you have to select a label that matches the shape and size of the mini bottles you’ll fill. To give you an idea, see the sizing notes on these examples.

Tropical Hand Sani via Amazon

1 – These Tropical Mini Hand Sanitizer Labels, available on Amazon, fit perfectly on Bath & Body Works’ 1oz PocketBacs sanitizer bottles.

To have and to hold and to prevent a cold

2 – These Hand Sanitizer Labels / Thank You Wedding Stickers (Gold, 3-¼” x 1-½”, Set of 90), also available on Amazon, will fit standard 1-oz. size bottles like the Purell 1 fluid ounce hand sanitizer.

From Avery on amazon

3 – These Avery Printable Waterproof Labels for Beauty & Nutrition Products (1" x 2-5/8", 160 Film Labels), found via Amazon, are versatile enough for different shapes and sizes of bottles.

Beach hand sani bridal shower favors

4 – Personalized Beach Bridal Shower Hand Sanitizer Labels – found on Amazon, 30 stickers per page and bottles not included

Hand Sanitizer Wedding Favor Sayings

If you’re going to personalize your favors, here are some cool sayings to use:

  1. to have and to hold and to prevent a cold
  2. spread the love…not the germs
  3. in sickness and in health
  4. stop the spread..keep the love
  5. eat, drink, and disinfect

We hope we’ve convinced you that hand sanitizers make pretty and practical wedding favors. Now to decide whether you’ll buy or DIY!

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