Speakeasy Bachelorette Party Theme: Decor Inspiration + Food, Drinks & Favor Ideas

Glam Speakeasy Bachelorette Party Theme

Looking for a truly glitzy and glam theme to mark your BFF’s “goodbye to singlehood”? Take a cue from one of the most iconic eras in our history—the Roaring ‘20s! The golden age of jazz, Art Deco design, Gatsby-esque flapper attire, and Prohibition era liquor secretly served at bars called “speakeasies.” All fabulous elements for planning a stunning Speakeasy-inspired Bachelorette Party for the bride-to-be! See all the elegant touches we’ve pulled together to help you style this event with an ultra-luxe look and lots of love! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Luxe Bachelorette Party Details: From Invite to Food & Drinks

Let there be no mistaking the elegance level that guests can expect.  Plan a classic black, gold, and white palette for a sophisticated air—beginning with the invitations to the upper-crust party menu.

Glam Speakeasy Bachelorette Party Food

Send out bachelorette party invitations (1 – from Zazzle) with that distinct Art Deco design. Then, extend the glamorous effect to the party itself with a chi-chi wine and appetizer station (2 – from Our Potluck Family) featuring chilled Chardonnay and blackberry and goat cheese crostinis, matched by a show-stopping champagne and caviar bar (4 – from California Caviar).

Even the party desserts should be equally classy. Think a gold leaf-topped cake (6 – from Taste.com) for the lovely honoree, accompanied by hand-dipped champagne strawberries (3 – from Berries.com) and golden caramel cupcakes (5 – from Sugar et al). You can also put together a chic black and gold sweets table!

Decor Inspiration with that Glam Speakeasy Ambiance

Stylish with a bit of sass! That’s the look you can pull off by combining classic decor elements with pops of red and extra glitter.

Speakeasy Bachelorette Party Decorations

The overall venue decor is decidedly vintage 1920’s—an Art Deco backdrop for a dessert buffet decked out in a gold sequin tablecloth, ostrich feathers, giant gold balloons, and tissue tassel garlands in gold, black, and white (5 – via Amazon).

Then, for the guest tables, you can then jazz up the base palette by the surprise addition of red silk or paper flowers. We used these to create an eye-catching welcome sign (4 – styled by Bellenza) and to scatter among the centerpieces—along with pearl accents draped on crystal goblets and glass vases (1 – styled by Bellenza), and sparkling candle rings holding rose textured white candles (2 – exclusive from the Bellenza SHOP).

And for fittingly “period pieces” to give as party favors, we suggest vintage-style mini frames (3 – exclusive from the Bellenza SHOP) for the guests. While, for the bride-to-be, see our suggestion for an extra-special gift box (see below).

Assemble a Vintage-inspired Gift for the Bride

Glam Speakeasy Bachelorette Party Gift for the Bride

Assemble a bachelorette gift box inspired by a traditional Victorian hat box! See our tutorial post for how to make this lovely DIY project and fill it with elegant gifts, like an ivory picture frame, a pink pomander sachet filled with perfumed soaps, a rose candle in a silky fabric wrap, and candies in a heart-shaped woven box.

Speakeasy Party Games


Oh, and for some friendly fun at the bachelorette party, why not a few rounds of cards? We found the perfect deck of Blind Tiger playing cards (available on Amazon) to suit the speakeasy theme! (For more 1920’s era games and activities, visit our recent flapper-themed party post, too.)

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