10 Tips to Ensure Gorgeous Nails on Your Wedding Day [Infographic]

How to have gorgeous wedding nails by Bellenza.

Next to your radiant face and beautiful bridal dress, your hands will be very much in the limelight on your wedding day. So how do you make sure your hands—particularly your nails—are ready to be on display and captured in photos? We’ve come up with 10 important nail care tips and procedures you should do leading up to your wedding day. Most of these you can just include in your regular beauty regimen, and only the last one might need professional help.

10 “TLC” Tips for Beautiful Bridal Nails

Tender loving care. That’s what your hands and nails need as early as a month or more ahead of your wedding. It’s a process, not a quick fix! Here are 10 things we recommend you do to ensure those picture-perfect nails at your nuptials!

Tip #1 – Stop any bad habits that may cause uneven, broken or ragged nails. For instance, stop nail biting or using your nails to pry things open!

Tip #2 – Wear protective gloves when you do the dishes, the laundry, and gardening.

Tip #3 – Apply a lotion or hand cream liberally to your hands daily. If they are particularly dry or chapped, buy a special hydrating cream for that condition.

Tip #4 – Trim your nails to even out their length as your wedding day nears. Keep the tips smooth with an emery board, too.

Tip #5 – Clean your nails with a nail brush when you have your daily bath.

Tip #6 – Use a cuticle oil to soften the cuticles around your nails. Then use a special cuticle pusher to keep them neat and tidy.

Tip #7 – For nails with ridges, splitting or brittleness, apply a nail and cuticle serum for at least 3 weeks before the wedding.

Tip #8 – Give your nails a rest from continuous polish application. Instead, apply a strengthening nail treatment in either sheer pink or sheer shimmer.

Tip #9 – The day before the wedding, treat yourself to a professional manicure at a nail salon. Or you may hire a pro manicurist to come to your home or hotel room.

Tip #10 – Go for a neutral colored nail polish that will keep the attention on your wedding band. (If you’ll be having a retro wedding, though, a striking red polish would be suitable, too. While for a boho wedding, you might go for one in a blue shade!)

Now that you’ve seen the tips, why not save this handy graphic for reference!

Infographic for tips on how to have gorgeous wedding nails by Bellenza.

Stay tuned as we will bringing you our fave finds for ensuring you have gorgeous nails on your wedding day!

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