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A Boyfriend’s Guide to Getting a “Yes” at a Christmas Proposal

A Boyfriend’s Guide to Getting a “Yes” at a Christmas Proposal

With the holidays coming up, you may be thinking that it is time to pop the question with a perfectly planned ring for making a romantic Christmas proposal. But how exactly do you find that tiny piece of jewelry that will get you a resounding “yes” to your question? We’re here to help with buying tips and options to engagement ring finds based on a specific budget. Psst! This guide was written by a girl!

How to Know Your Girlfriend’s Taste in Engagement Rings

Unless your girlfriend has already been dropping engagement ring hints and you’re currently pondering the right time to pop the question, the safest route is to ask your girlfriend’s circle of friends about what are her ring preferences because they know her probably better than you! One not-so subtle option is to go window-shopping and see how she reacts to certain rings based on certain price points. Do this only if you are absolutely sure of popping the question!

Buying Tips and Options for Engagement Rings

Rings that flatter hands

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees so now that you’ve decided to pop the question, the next step is deciding on the cost of the ring, of course. Select a price point that makes sense for your budget. There are many ways to finance the cost of a ring, but we don’t recommend going into debt considering that the wedding has even occurred yet. Before you buy the ring, you may also want to consider virtual design services that can create a customized ring. Another important buying tip to remember is finding a ring that flatters your girlfriend’s hands. For instance, a halo diamond ring might not be practical for a petite hand! Moreover, engagement rings do get lost so be sure to inquire with your jeweler about your options.

Engagement Ring Finds Curated by Bellenza

Rings that are colorful for a wedding proposal

We’ve done the research for you because we know you have better things to do such as figuring out how, when, and where to make your proposal. Perhaps you might want to give an antique style ring, something meaningful and symbolic, classic or trendy, stacked ring, or based on her birthstone such as peridot, sapphire, or ruby. There are also colorful rings in hues of yellow and violet, edgy black diamond rings for those who are daring enough, while pink hued engagement rings in morganite and rose quartz are extremely budget-friendly and popular options. A meaningful ring such as 3-stone forever ring or a Claddagh ring says you’ve really put a lot of thought into the ring! Finally, do remember that despite all of the planning you may not get the answer you want, but at least it’s worth asking!

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