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Be a Radiant Beach Bride with Just 5 Beauty Tips

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If there’s one occasion when the expression ‘radiant bride’ is literally true it’s at a beach wedding! The summer sun highlights every facial feature and reveals every detail of your hairstyle and dress. But no need to panic. Here are some beach bride beauty tips and product finds to the rescue! The bottom line is you can definitely look your glowing best at your seaside nuptials.

What to Keep in Mind this Summer

High temperatures. Humidity. Brisk winds. These are 3 major factors at beach locations that will make your skin and hair behave differently from what you’re probably used to. Plus, most beach weddings take place miles away from your home—or even oceans away, in the case of destination weddings. So you may have to rely on your own beauty know-how to complete your bridal look.

That’s why we’ve put together these 5 easy yet effective tips (with pre-wedding suggestions, too) to make sure you have the basics covered!

Beauty tips for beach brides

Tip #1 (Matte Complexion) and Tip #2 (Moisturize)

These actually work in tandem to counter the twin risks of oiliness and shine on one hand, and sunburn and dryness on the other.

Before the wedding: Prep your skin to perfection by having monthly facials. These gently rid your complexion of dead cells, minor discolorations or uneven skin tones, and any residue buildup of facial products and makeup. The result: a fresh, smooth, rosy ‘canvas’ ready for your bridal makeup!

On your wedding day: Ironically, you have to worry about both moisturizing and mattifying. Apply a good quality moisturizer with a high SPF level for protection against the sun. (Or if your skin is particularly fair or sensitive, you can first apply a facial sunscreen that’s designed to be worn under makeup.)

Then, you put on your layer of foundation and finish with a dusting of matte, oil-control powder. For touch-ups during the ceremony and reception, have a pack of facial blotting sheets handy to take care of any unwanted shine.


Tip #3 (Pretty Pout)

Kissable and camera-ready lips are a must for any bride. So be sure yours are prepped for those seaside conditions.

Before the wedding: Apply lip balm throughout the day and before bedtime to prevent dryness or cracking of the skin, and to keep your lips soft and smooth. (It’s actually a good habit to have and keep, whether you’re a bride-to-be or not!)

On your wedding day: Use a lip color product that both moisturizes for hours and provides a flattering effect against your skin tone in full sunlight. To go with the natural, carefree look of most beach brides, shades like nude, coral, peach, or soft pink are smile-worthy choices.

Tip #4 (Terrific Tresses)

The most popular beach bride hairstyle seems to be long, wavy locks left loose and windblown. But even that seemingly no-fuss ‘do needs proper care to look its best.

Before the wedding: Condition, condition, condition! That and get a periodic trim to snip away the dry tips and split ends, and schedule 2 or 3 special hair treatments to get a really luscious sheen. You may even choose to have highlights added for that attractive sun-streaked effect.

On your wedding day: Aim for a combination of both softness and control in your loose hairstyle. You want waves that move freely in the breeze. But you also want to avoid a tangled mess or ‘the frizzies’ by mid-ceremony. So select a hairspray, mousse, or gel that offers enough hold while also being anti-humidity.

Tip #5 (Gorgeous Nails)

A bride’s hands are also very much on display at the wedding. So get your fingernails ready for the Big Day and decide what ‘look’ you’d like for them, too!

Before the wedding: Moisturize your hands liberally each day, an advisable habit for everyone. A good quality lotion will keep the skin supple and smooth to the touch. And ready for all those hand shots at the ceremony.

On your wedding day: There’s nothing quite like an excellent manicure and pedicure for a polished finish (literally) to your bridal ensemble. When it comes to nail color choice, neutrals like blush pink, nude, or sea-inspired tones (see product photo) go best with the ‘natural’ beach vibe. But you can also add a playful touch by coloring your wedding ring finger as your ‘something blue’!

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