Bridal Style: Elegant Wedding Gloves with a Vintage Flair

Vintage wedding gloves

If you’ll be having a vintage-themed wedding, this is your chance to try that glamorous look you’ve been loving—a bride in gloves! If there’s one accessory that adds instant elegance to a bridal ensemble it would be a pair of gloves.

In dainty lace, silk, satin, or the softest kid leather. Embellished with rhinestones, pearls, beads, or bows. Or left sleek and simple. There’s surely a style of gloves to complement your vintage-style wedding dress—whether custom-made, sewn by you, or bought on a budget. So, what do you think? Will you give gloves a try? (*this post contains affiliate links)

Vintage-inspired Bridal Gloves in 7 Different Styles

As you survey the amazing variety of glove styles below, keep in mind these tips from bridal style pros on choosing and wearing wedding gloves.

  1. Consider the season, time of day, expected temperature, and venue (indoor or outdoor) of your wedding. You do want to be stylish but comfortable, too!
  2. Select gloves in the material, color, design and length that will go best with your bridal dress. These should complement, not compete with your overall look—feminine and romantic, or modern and minimalist?
  3. Think of your body type, too. Opera-length gloves may help make your arms look slimmer; while wrist-length, frilly or ruffled gloves may make heavy arms appear bulkier.
  4. Colored gloves can be your bridal style statement. You may opt for elegant black, nude, or even red for the truly daring!
  5. Unique styles, like fingerless gloves, are perfect for the ring wearing ceremony and allow you to show off a gorgeous manicure, nail art, or a simple bracelet.

Vintage wedding gloves

1 – White Lace Bridal Gloves – from One Curtain Road
Sheer fabric embellished with ostrich feathers, lace flowerettes, and a ruffled wrist

2 – Lace Elbow Length Bridal Gloves – from Lalamira
Elbow length, with rhinestone-centered floral appliques from wrist to elbow

3 – Arabella Fine Net Gloves – from Cornelia James
An opera-length style made with Swiss fine net, that can also be worn slightly ruched for a more casual look

4 – Floral Lace Gloves for Wedding – from Amazon
1920s flapper-inspired lace gloves in stretchy fabric with a delicate floral wrist band

Vintage wedding gloves

5 – Fingerless Wedding Gloves – from Ines Gloves
Made with the softest, top-quality lamb leather, European-style fashion that is both timeless and trendy

6 – White Symphony Sheer Tulle Gloves with Floral Embellishments – from Amazon
Handmade vintage 90’s style wedding gloves, made of sheer tulle with the daintiest flower appliques

7 – Exquisite Fingerless Rhinestone Lace Bridal Gloves – from Amazon
Sheer opera-length, fingerless gloves with Illusion-style lace and rhinestone adornments running up each arm

As you can see, wedding gloves can truly be a stunning bridal style statement!

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