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Do Your Own Bridal Makeup, Helped by Virtual Makeup Tools!

Virtual makeover tools featured on The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza

In recent years, brides have begun taking brave steps into previously sacred territory: wedding day makeup! But do you dare to give it a try yourself? Thankfully, there’s aid available! Popular cosmetics lines and distributors have been quick to help minimize the risks of doing your own makeup with amazing virtual makeup-trial tools. No salon appointments. No purchases…yet. No commitments until you are fully satisfied with the bridal look you see on screen—and know what products you need to make it happen.

Curious how these online tools can help you? We survey 3 of them here to give you an idea.

3 Virtual Makeup Tools Help You Choose Your Bridal Look

Virtual makeover for brides featured on The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza

The features of each online service may vary, but the basic benefit is the same: being able to “try on” a whole array of makeup products for the face, eyes and lips. In effect, you get to see yourself (or your closest look-alike image) magically transformed into different looks.



Covergirl has got you pretty well covered! Their Embrace Your Face virtual makeup studio includes:

  1. “Color Match” which allows you to use your own photo (upload a file or take one via webcam) or choose from available model photos, then enter details like skin shade, undertone, eye color, hair color and age range in order to recommend the perfect products for you—from foundation, powder, concealer and blusher/bronzer to eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara to lip color, lip gloss and lip liner!
  2. “Hot Looks” which lets you use your photo or a model’s photo to “put on” a pre-selected facial look (spanning various personality types and races) so that you can see it on yourself; then lists all the makeup products that went into achieving that look
  3. “Virtual Try-on” is where you get to virtually apply the entire range of Covergirl products for face, eyes and lips and in every available shade and variant (liquid, cream, gel, pencil, brush, etc.)—and see the changes appear on your photo with each click.

What we love: This Covergirl service really tries to address every makeup need and concern! Plus, you don’t only get a visual idea of your desired look, the products are each described in detail. So you don’t have to pore over product labels in a store. Of course, the Covergirl lines are being promoted. But with the range presented, you can still make your own best choice for your wedding day!



“A professional beauty consultation with one click of a mouse.” That’s how Rimmel describes its Virtual Makeover that involves just 4 easy steps.

From a survey of its entire product line (for face, eyes and lips), Step 1 invites you to sample any one that you fancy via a “Try Me” button. Once you’ve chosen the product and your preferred shade/color, Step 2 enables you to upload your photo or select from models’ photos provided. Step 3 then allows you to sample your selected products, while Step 4 presents a preview of your new look!

What we love: If you’re shy about uploading your picture, Rimmel’s virtual makeover tool lets you select a photo from pre-existing models, which is also cool if you are concerned about your privacy. The option called “try me” is equally great so you can quickly get to a product page for an item you’d want to try. We also like the feature of being able to adjust the coverage whether it’s a lipstick, blush, or foundation. Once you’ve made the perfect look, it’s great that to know that you can email and share it with your friends, since you end up with your own nifty url. What’s handy about this tool is that you will end up with a list of the products that you’ve chosen that can serve as your shopping list.



This online service is limited to trying on lip color shades. But it could be very helpful for the bride who already likes and perhaps uses Sephora products, but wants to experiment with a different look for those wedding photo smiles!

Again, you just take a photo of yourself or upload an existing one. Follow the simple instructions for marking off the lip area to be colored. Then just click away on a palette of lip colors and watch how your look will change with each shade choice.

What we love: The procedure is easy to follow with straightforward results. Perhaps the most difficult part is taking or choosing a decent photo of yourself to experiment on! This service even offers the “Sephora to Go” app for iPhones, which lets you try on lip shades in 3D.

So what do you think? Are you now brave enough to try doing your own wedding day makeup? We trust this post on virtual makeup tools helped!

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