Floral Crowns: Lovely Choices for the Summer Bride

Floral crownsFloral crowns have been huge on the wedding scene for some time now, especially for summer ‘boho’ brides. But what if you don’t quite see yourself as the bohemian type? No worries. Floral crowns can actually be styled in different ways to suit quite a variety of summertime wedding themes. As you read through these tips we’ve put together, the options for your ‘crowning glory’ of flowers may surprise you!

Matching Your Crown With Your Theme

Boho Beauty – In place of a traditional veil, a ring of fresh blooms and foliage provides the perfect ‘flower child’ finishing touch to a bohemian bridal ensemble. The secret, though, lies in creating a wildflower effect, carefree and unstructured, as though randomly plucked and crafted on the spot. Just the right headpiece to top the bride’s long, loose hairstyle and match a flowing, possibly colored or patterned dress, worn with sandals or bare feet.

Blooms to choose from: rosebuds, hydrangea, viburnum flowers, wax flowers, Spanish moss, anemones, santolina foliage, mimosa flower buds, black cow parsley, mini succulents, and variegated ivy (see tutorial link at end of the post from Want That Wedding, below, which uses this selection)

Rustic Garden Charm – Romantic in a more country way is the look you’re aiming for here. Dainty blossoms in pastel colors work best, although a larger ‘‘statement flower” can be added. Ribbon, lace or strips of fabric may also be interwoven with the blooms. A quaint option would be to have the flowers and leaves plaited into the bride’s braided hairstyle rather than placed around her head.

Blooms to choose from: sweetheart roses or tiny rose buds, English garden roses, peonies, lavender, lilacs, carnations, mums, hydrangea, baby’s breath, ivy, dusty miller leaves

Tropical / Caribbean Flair – A ceremony on the beach definitely lends itself to a hassle-free headpiece like a floral crown. Depending on the specific look you have in mind, think tropical isle muse with wind-tossed hair held by a circlet of flowers and tiny shells, or else flamboyant Carmen Miranda decked out in bold, over-sized blooms.

Blooms to choose from: orchids, lilies, plumeria/frangipani, eucalyptus, daisies, sunflowers, asters, billy balls, succulents, berries, mini palm fronds, ferns

Woodland Whimsy – Natural and free-spirited like the bohemian theme, this style draws inspiration from a forest fairyland. Muted, earthy colors and organic textures come into play. Foliage is given equal prominence alongside the florals, or you could opt for an all-leaf crown for a truly ‘green’ effect!

Blooms to choose from: statice, astilbe, anemone, ranunculus, poppies, pansies, violets, baby’s breath, asters, berries, boxwood, cedar leaves, ferns, woody vines

Medieval / Grecian Era – Going for a ‘period look’ from a bygone time? A floral crown can help you do just that. Imagine a ring of pale, delicate blooms with
loops of crystals that could be worn by a Shakespearean heroine. Or else a circlet of gilded leaves ala a Greek goddess.

Blooms to choose from:
silk flowers in ivory, mauve, plum, dusty rose, or champagne; faux leaves finished in gold, copper or bronze tones

Stylish Finds As Inspiration

Floral crown ideas for summer brides
Image credits: 1 – Lexi Moody Photography, via Rubies and Ribbon / 2 – Sonya Khegay / 3 – Le Magnifique Blog / 4 – Joaquin Tocornal, via Belle and Chic / 5 – Sami Jo Photography, via Magnolia Rouge

General guidelines for choosing/making a floral crown:

  1. Fresh flowers and leaves are ideal, but quality silk blooms are lovely as well (plus they last forever!).
  2. If you’re going with fresh blooms, select hardy varieties that will keep fresh-looking till the last wedding photo is taken.
  3. Even so, keep the flowers in water for several hours and have the crown crafted as close to ceremony-time as possible.
  4. One word of caution: comfort. You’ll be wearing the crown for some time, so be sure that the finished design isn’t too tight, heavy or unwieldy for you.
  5. Another word of caution: allergies. If you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies, you might want to wear your crown over a sheer veil just to be sure.
  6. The array of floral crown designs ranges from a bright, multi-colored mix of flowers of varying sizes to a simple monochromatic circlet of dainty blossoms. The final decision of the look you want is yours!

Want to try creating your own bridal floral crowns? Here are some fabulous tutorials for you to try:

  1. Make Your Own DIY Flower Crown – from Want That Wedding
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