Pretty Bridal Shoes To Swoon Over + Wear Long After The Wedding!

Wedding shoe finds - swoon worthy!

What could be more fun than finding the right wedding gown? Your wedding shoes, of course! Before you start hitting the pavement though, start here with some of the prettiest pieces for you to walk down the aisle on your special day. From adornments using dainty bows to sparkly heels to gems, you’ll definitely be swooning over these shoes from some of our favorite designers and wearing them long after you say “I do”!

Lovely Wedding Shoes with Beautiful Adornments!

Lovely Wedding Shoes with Pretty Adornments! #weddingshoes #prettyweddingshoes

  1. Lola Gem – an ivory satin pump with a toe embellished with sparkly gems from Sophia Webster
  2. Jojo – an ivory satin sandal adorned with white marabou pompom from Sophia Webster
  3. Chiara – a sandal with a silver leather toe strap in ice blue with a snow white printed butterfly that is made by Sophia Webster
  4. Odette Glitter Fabric Sandal – features a silver glitter sandal with metallic leather accent trum and an adjustable ankle strap from Monique Lhullier
  5. Maisie Platform Sandal with Ankle Cuff – a platform sandal with an ankle cuff in clear crystals from Monique Lhullier
  6. Ivy Silver – an ivory satin shoe with a vintage-look from the 1920s that features metallic leather straps with pearl and crystal trimmings available from Emmy London

Some Tips to Make Your Sole Happy!

  1. Avoid getting a shoe that simply looks good, but is uncomfortable to wear. Sadly, this is especially true when you are going to be wearing the shoe for at least 4 hours.
  2. Be sure to break in your wedding shoes before the wedding. Practice walking in them on grass and other surfaces that are similar to your venue.
  3. Slip guards! You may want to consider these handy accessories especially if the wedding is during winter or spring.
  4. Get your pedicure done! Prep your toes to look fabulous with your shoes.
  5. Bring a spare! If you will be dancing or want to wear something more comfortable, be sure to bring an extra pair of shoes.

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