Rich Jewel Tones Inspire Modern Fall Wedding Palettes!

Jeweled tones for rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and amethyst

You’ve probably noticed our fascination with jewel tones for weddings (as in this recent post). It must be the prospect of autumn coming soon, since such deep, dazzling colors echo the richness of fall hues. We couldn’t help but create another post showcasing just how gorgeously you can decorate your ceremony and reception—and style your own bridal ensemble—with the colors of rubies, garnets, sapphires, amethysts, and emeralds. The overall effect will surely be stunning and not soon to be forgotten by your guests!

Jeweled Color Inspiration: Rubies

Rubies in red wedding palette

The drama and passion of these stones’ deep red hues create a definitely modern look for an autumn wedding. For a preview to your nuptials, consider a red agate-inspired invitation that’s definitely on trend right now. Then, for an equally bold fashion statement, envision wearing a bold crimson wedding dress to match the dazzling ruby and diamond ring on your finger. Continue the red jewel tones to your wedding cake, featuring red roses and rose gold, including geometric copper patterns.

Credits: 1 – Ring from Blue Nile / 2 – Dress by Vera Wang / 3 – Cake from Justin Lee Weddings, via / 4 – Invitation from Zazzle

Jeweled Color Inspiration: Sapphires

Sapphire blue wedding palettes

For an irresistibly romantic air at your fall wedding, why not draw your inspiration from the gorgeous blue of sapphires? To complement your fabulous sapphire and diamond three-stone engagement ring, choose an ethereal blue wedding gown, sparkling like a starry night. Send out wedding invitations with the luxe (and currently trending) look of goil-foil patterns on deep blue stock, and have a blue marbled wedding cake to match the sapphire inspiration perfectly.

Credits: 1 – Ring Blue Nile / 2 – Gown by Zuhair Murad (image via Fashion & Style) / 3 – Cake from Cakes Decor / 4 – Invitations from Wedding Paper Divas

Jeweled Color Inspiration: Amethyst

Amethyst purple wedding palette for fall weddings

Ethereal is the description that comes to mind with an amethyst-inspired fall wedding. It all begins with the alluring hue of an amethyst and sterling silver ring, matched with a dreamy “Ophelia” wedding dress in pure silk and French floral lace. Watercolor-style wedding invitations can blend romance with a modern-minimalist look using simple purple brushstrokes, while your wedding cake can feature tiers in trendy metallic purple and a lavender marbled effect, softened with white orchids.

Credits: 1 – Ring from Blue Nile / 2 – Dress by Emily Riggs Bridal / 3 – Cake from Crummb, via Tally Press / 4 – Invitations via Wedding Paper Divas

Jeweled Color Inspiration: Emeralds

Emerald green wedding palette - jeweled tones for fall

It’s all about creating contrast here with a modern vintage style for your fall wedding. Complement the rich green tone of an emerald and diamond engagement ring  with an equally elegant deep green wedding gown with illusion florals. Soften the other wedding elements with shades of mint green, pistachio and matcha, plus gold accents–such as in a geometric patterned wedding invitation with gold foil, and a unique gilded marble wedding cake.

Credits: 1 – Ring from Blue Nile / 2 – Gown from Monique Lhuillier / 3 – Cake from  Feather & Stone, via Weddings Illustrated / 4 – Invitations via – Wedding Paper Divas

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Which of these jewel-inspired palettes has you breathless right now? Drop us a comment below. We’ll totally understand!

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