Rustic Folk Bridal Style: How to Get the Look From Dress to Hair

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Just what is a ‘rustic folk bridal look’? That’s precisely what we’re hoping to present here for all you brides wanting that carefree, relaxed, outdoorsy style for your wedding. It could easily be confused with similar looks like bohemian, country, Western, or even hippie. But there are certain elements to a folk bridal look that make it distinct. Here we share a few tips on how to simulate that style without necessarily going all-out ‘authentic.’

Folk Bridal Styling You Can Recreate

Unlike the more familiar boho bridal look, the true ‘folk’ bridal style is inspired by the traditional wedding attire of brides from specific ethnic groups around the world.

Striking as these bridal ensembles certainly are, though, authentic ones are extremely rare today (except as family heirlooms) and can be very costly. So what we propose is capturing the look and feel of the folk bride with just the most essential elements: the wedding dress, the hair styling, and the accessories.

Rustic folk style dresses for weddings | as featured on the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza

The folk-inspired wedding dress is typically loose and flowing, featuring lace or a light natural fabric like cotton or cheese cloth. Colorful accents are also common, made with embroidery, crochet, appliques, sometimes with beadwork and metallic threads. Dresses like these can be bought from etsy shops or vintage clothing stores, or you can have one custom-sewn for you.

Folk style hairstyles and headpieces

The hairstyle for a folk bride is usually just left down and natural, with a simple floral crown as adornment or a bunch of fresh blooms tucked behind one ear. Some, though, may opt for a modified headpiece, cap, or veil based on the folk inspiration they’ve chosen. Or they might go for the braid wrapped around the head that is typical for German or Austrian brides.

Folk style accessories for weddings | as featured on the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza

Finally, for the folk accessories, ornate necklaces of colored stones would make quite a statement. As well as multiple bangles of different metals with beaten designs or inset gemstones, plus bracelets of colored beads. And of course, there’s the bridal bouquet that you can have made as natural and colorful as the rest of the ensemble.

Other ‘folksy’ elements you can incorporate:

  1. a shawl or wrap, preferably crocheted or embroidered
  2. a bridal vest or bolero inspired by the traditional ensemble you’ve selected
  3. a bridal pouch, again featuring crochet or embroidery work

What we love about this style is how personal it can be—particularly if you have ties to any of these fascinating folk traditions. Plus how striking and distinct it will make you look from ceremony to reception!

Did you know?

The most popular ‘folk’ bridal styles are those from Northern Europe or Scandinavia; Germany and France; Eastern European countries such as Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Ukraine; Mexico and Hispanic countries; and native American tribes.

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