Virtual Try-On-Rings for Engagements and Weddings – 7 Apps!

Put a ring on It! But with the usual jewelry store visits being iffy these days, how do you get the whole ring selection process done safely and conveniently? Presenting…at-home ring design and fitting using the wonders of AR (Augmented Reality)!

Simply put, AR is real life enhanced with certain digital components. In this case, your (or your fiancee’s) hand is viewed via an AR app on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Then, a whole catalog of ring designs can be superimposed on it, so you are literally "trying on" the rings virtually! How cool is that for So why not with your engagement ring and/or wedding ring?

Now, how to manage the AR engagement ring selection without spoiling the pop-the-question moment? Hhhhmmm…we’ve got to think about that one. Any suggestions?!

Engagement Ring Selection and Try-On Apps,Thanks to AR!

Augmented Reality is happening around us more and more these days, including in the booming online shopping industry. Through AR, some beauty product lines allow you to try their cosmetics on your face. Home decor vendors enable you to simulate their pieces in your home. And optometrist shops let you test your look with different eyeglass frames. All to help you make your purchase decision while safe at home.

So, here are 7 virtual ring try-on apps we found that are tailor-made for couples like you!


1 – Put a Ring on ItTM Virtual Try-On Ring App from Hamilton Jewelers

Once you download this app, it allows you to view and try on dozens of bridal ring designs from Hamilton Jewelers’ exclusive collection right on your phone. The app also allows you to make an appointment to view your ring choice in person, post on social media, and save your ring image with added color drawings and captions.

Image via Brilliant Earth

2 – Virtual Try-On from Brilliant Earth

Using your phone, find your favorite ring from the Brilliant Earth catalog and select “Virtual Try On.” Upload a photo of your hand, then customize every element of your ring or add on additional styles. Lastly, save your chosen design and even share with a friend!

Image via James Allen

3 – Virtual Engagement Ring Try On from James Allen

Handily accessible from your smartphone, this app works in 3 easy steps: 1) Tap the "Try On" icon on your favorite ring setting, 2) Add a photo of your hand and the ring will appear on it, and 3) Share with a friend via email or save on your wedding-planning Pinterest board.

image courtesy of Shane Co.

4 – Virtual Try On from Shane Co.

A Facebook video takes you quickly through the 5 simple steps for this app: 1) Pick your ring setting, 2) Tap on "Virtual Try-On," 3) Add a photo of your hand, 4) Customize the design of your chosen ring (shape of stone, color of stone, etc.), and 5) Save and share the final image.

image via Tiffany and Co.

5 – Engagement Ring Finder App from Tiffany & Co.

Yes, even the venerable Tiffany & Co. offers a virtual ring consultation via their exclusive app. The links provided allow users to download the app version for AndroidTM devices or the one for iPhone® and iPad®. Then, you are guided through the virtual ring selection and try-on process.

courtesy of Diamond Hedge

6 – Try On Diamond Rings Using Augmented Reality from Diamond Hedge

This AR tool helps you try on diamond rings on your hand from anywhere in the world! How? 1) Search – The app allows you to search over 1 million ethical, conflict-free certified diamonds; and even lets you refine your search based on color, clarity, carat, and cut. 2) Compare – Browse and compare diamonds according to your search criteria from the best companies in the world. 3) Purchase – Buy directly from the retailer’s site.

Engage Jeweler App

7 – Engage Jeweler App

Launched in mid-2020 to provide a smart and safe new way to find your perfect engagement/wedding ring (or even loose diamonds), the Engage app is available for download from the Apple app store. Using AI technology, it is able to "learn" your preferences as you do your ring search, so that it can even make recommendations. All the diamonds offered are ethically sourced, conflict free, and dynamically priced using real-time market data, so you get the best value. (More details about the Engage app here.)

Wow! What will go virtual next in the wedding world?

Update: April 2022

Now that in-store visits to jewelers are allowed, are virtual ring try-on services still in? Definitely so! Especially for couples still in the "just looking" stage of their ring search, being able to do so online is such a practical alternative.

And in this update of our original post, we’ve included not just engagement ring options, but wedding band virtual (and hybrid) try-on services as well for both brides and grooms. Come and browse these additional app choices to help you "put a ring on it" at last!

1 – Vintage Engagement Rings – Try It On – Estate Diamond Jewelry by Saber Design

The perfect app for antique and vintage enthusiasts! It enables brides to search for truly unique engagement rings from the comfort of their home and see how these beautiful rings would look on their fingers. The Saber Design app features over 30 rare vintage rings picked from their collection of antique and vintage engagement rings, with designs and motifs ranging from solitaire to halo and from antique to vintage reproduction. All the rings can be worn and browsed directly from the app available on the App Store (currently awaiting the next app update).

Hitched virtual ring app

2 – The Ring Size AppTM and Home Try-On Kit by Hitched

The Ring Size App™ is free to download and easy to use. Simply scan your hand and know your ring size within minutes. You can then order a Home Try-On Kit (available for both women’s and men’s wedding bands), which allows you to try on five wedding band samples at home within five days. Each kit comes with a real ring-sizing tool and replica bands in Yellow, White, and Rose 14K Gold and in varied widths. The actual rings are available in these gold colors, as well as Platinum, and in 10K and 18K Gold.

AR wedding ring app
3 – Augmented Reality App for Virtual Try-on of Jewelry by Trillion Jewelry

The Trillion App is an AR-powered mobile application which allows users to try-on jewelry pieces in real time from anywhere in the world using only a phone camera. Step 1: Choose jewelry pieces from the app’s collection and examine them in detail with a 360-degree view. Step 2: Point your phone camera at your specific finger and enjoy a hyper-realistic try-on experience. Step 3: Send pictures and videos of your selected ring via social media, or proceed to purchase the actual piece.

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Virtual Try-On-Rings for Engagements and Weddings

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