10 Do’s + Don’ts for a Memorable Maid of Honor Speech

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You’ve been asked to be Maid of Honor for your sister’s or BFF’s wedding. How exciting! But you’ve also just been told you’ll have to give a speech at the reception. How nerve-wracking! Luckily, there are online guides for writing and delivering wedding speeches that you can look up. Before you scramble to start your search, though, here are our own 10 tips for what you should and should not do in preparing this all-important message for the newlyweds.These should set you on the right track for a Maid of Honor speech that’s both heartfelt and entertaining!

5 Do’s for a Maid of Honor Speech

1. Keep it short and sweet. Decide ahead of time on 4 or 5 main points to focus on about the bride and/or groom. Then, stick to these.

2. Read from a written message or outline. Very few people can give an excellent extemporaneous speech. It’s far safer to write out your thoughts ahead of time. This will keep your speech organized and flowing smoothly, rather than rambling.

3. Say something flattering about the bride and groom. Pay them compliments on their individual qualities, as well as what makes them a great couple.

4. Include amusing, heartwarming and touching anecdotes. Share incidents that will make guests laugh and shed a few tears, too.

5. Give the couple some words of advice. Close with 2 or 3 tips for the newlyweds. These can be worded sentimentally or humorously, but still come from the heart.

5 Don’ts for a Maid of Honor Speech

1. Don’t include overly embarrassing or revealing details. Their wedding day is not the time to put the bride and groom on the spot. Never go for a laugh at their expense.

2. Don’t focus on matters that only you and the couple can relate to. Your remarks are to honor the newlyweds before guests that range from grandma to work colleagues. Keep the wider audience in mind. Avoid inside jokes!

3. Don’t use inappropriate language. Even if you’ll be relating amusing anecdotes about the bride and groom, do so in a “GP” manner.

4. Don’t toss in an amateur song number. Unless you are an above-average singer, don’t subject the wedding guests to a vocal performance—no matter how sincere!

5. Don’t hog the time allotted for wedding speeches. Remember there are others lined up to speak: the fathers of the couple and the best man as well. So keep it to 2 to 3 minutes tops.

Don’t have time to write a speech?
Here’s a sample template you can use as a starting point:

I’d like to thank everyone for gathering here today to celebrate the coming together of two very special people. I am honored to be best friends with the bride whom I’ve known since childhood, and the groom whom I’ve known for the past few years. As best friends since we were in pigtails, the bride has always been a kind, fun-loving, and compassionate person. But most of all, she is a genuine person who will tell you what you want to hear, but also let you know when you need to shape up. That’s the way she is and I wouldn’t change anything. This is why finding the right person to share her life with has always been a test of patience for her. Moreover, this is why I am so happy that she has met someone equally as genuine as the bride. For this reason, let us give the bride and groom a special toast to a wonderful future together.

*For the words that are bold, substitute the names when necessary.

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10 Do’s + Don’ts for a Memorable Maid of Honor Speech

Have you given a Maid of Honor speech yourself? Share more tips that will help others who are now preparing their own!

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