10 Winter-Inspired Color Palettes for a Beautiful Winter Wedding!

Winter wedding hues by Bellenza

Don’t let the cold air weigh your creative juices down when deciding on a color scheme for a winter wedding! Whether you’re having a rustic, woodland wedding inspired by woodsy elements and natural textures, a modern wedding with chic urban touches, or a sophisticated vintage wedding ala Great Gatsby, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your style with these 10 unique color palettes!

Rustic, Woodland Wedding in the Winter

Rustic winter wedding colors with hunter green, plum, gold, and winterberry by Bellenza

For this wedding style, imagine a venue like a ski lodge resort, a cozy winter vacation home, or a rustic barn turned into a whimsical woodland forest! A rustic, woodland wedding takes nature as its main decor. Consider textures consisting of wood, pine, leaves, and winter berries. Glam it up with touches of gold or silver. Then, use jewel tones in plum or purple to add a contemporary flair.

  1. holly, pine cone brown, and winter berry
  2. hunter green, mint green, and brown
  3. gold, ivory, and burgundy
  4. plum, gold, and copper

Modern Wedding Style

Modern winter wedding colors by Bellenza with mint green, purple champagne, blush, and gold

With a minimalist approach as its base, a modern wintertime wedding presents you with decorating ideas ranging from industrial modern to chic urban! Consider sleek and sparkly textures using glitter, glass, and steel tempered with soft floral blooms. Add glamorous touches by using hues of champagne, mint green, or purple integrated with gold or silvery accents.

  1. white, mint green, & silver grey
  2. champagne, blush, and mocha
  3. purple, gold, lilac

Sophisticated Vintage Wedding

Vintage winter wedding colors by Bellenza

For the true romantic at heart, a sophisticated wedding in the winter is the perfect occasion to host a vintage glam-inspired event with art deco, 1920s, or Great Gatsby influences. Think fancy elements like floral embellishments, feathers, gold china, and chandeliers! The impression is definitely glamorous and glitzy!

  1. gold, ivory, and black
  2. dusty blue, gold, and grey
  3. cherry red, ivory, & hunter green

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