4 Fall Wedding Color Palettes Inspired by Nature’s Hues!

Fall color palette in orange hues

Perhaps of all the four seasons, it’s fall that is so much about color. Or at least that’s what nature tells us. You just can’t ignore the glorious displays of gold and orange and rust and ochre and brown that burst forth at this time! So when decorating your own autumn season wedding socials, color definitely takes center stage.

With that in mind, we came up with these four fall palettes for you to consider. Depending on your venue and the type of occasion you’re hosting—wedding reception, engagement dinner, bridal shower, or rehearsal party—one of these color combos might just be the one that catches your fall-time fancy!

Palette 1: Straw – Moss Green – Brick Red – Gold

Straw, Moss Green, Brick Red, and Gold Make for a Natural and Earthy Fall Wedding Color Palette.

Our inspiration: An alternative guest book idea using painted canvases and corn husk-wrapped markers

This earthy palette owes its charm to natural elements and their typical colors. Raw undyed materials provide the neutral hues to perfectly complement the moss green. Brick red adds warmth and richness, while touches of gold give everything a hint of glam.

Elements you can use for each color:

  1. Neutrals – raffia, sinamay, wheat, dried corn husks, hay, woody vines, twigs and straw
  2. Moss green – dark greenery, herbs, succulents, or actual moss, of course!
  3. Brick red – tablecloths or runners, deep red fall flowers, autumn berries
  4. Gold – gold-rimmed votive holders with tealight candles, brass-finished napkin rings, mini gourds spray painted gold

Palette 2: Gold – Olive – Ivory – Teal

Gold, Olive, Ivory, Teal Fall Wedding Color Palette | The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

Our inspiration: A place setting at an elegant bridal shower tapas party

This palette leaves out the conventional oranges and browns of fall, while capturing a bit of a Mediterranean vibe with olive green and gold set against ivory and cream.

Elements you can use for each color:

  1. Olive – guest place cards, menu cards, wrapped favors atop each place setting, actual olives in appetizer dishes
  2. Gold – decorative place card holders, glass charms, napkin rings, candle holders, plate chargers
  3. Ivory – dinnerware, table napkins, a fresh floral centerpiece, table cloth, placemats, even edibles like a lovely frosted cake, delicate meringues, or white chocolate truffles
  4. Teal – dinner plates, table napkins, place cards with gold calligraphy


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Palette 3: Chartreuse – Burnt Orange – Ivory

Chartreuse, Burnt Orange, Ivory Autumn Wedding Colors

Our inspiration: A wedding reception tablescape decked out in autumn hues

Now, this is a palette that clearly celebrates fall! It has the requisite oranges and browns, but includes a refreshing dose of vibrant green—chartreuse, in fact.

Elements you can use for each color:

  1. Chartreuse – fresh greenery from your garden, green-tinted wine bottles, crisp Granny Smith apples, potted herbs
  2. Burnt orange – a rustic table runner, autumn leaves, mini pumpkins, a vase of calla lilies
  3. Ivory – pillar candles, votive candles, table napkins

Palette 4: Wheat – Gold – Rust – Ivory

Wheat, Gold, Rust, and Ivory Set for an Elegant Fall Wedding Color Palette.

Our inspiration: A whimsical apple-themed table setting showing a lighter side to fall

Autumn settings tend to feature rich and deep hues that could seem a bit somber. This palette, however, takes a lighter, more playful approach using ivory, wheat, and gold—with hints of rust in keeping with the season.

Elements you can use for each color:

  1. Wheat – plaited lengths of straw serving as a table runner, natural fiber baskets used as favor packaging, sprigs of wheat in glass vases
  2. Gold – spray-painted decorative accents (like our giant apples), place card frames, tabletop lamps or luminaries
  3. Ivory – dinnerware, table napkins, ecru-colored menu cards edged in gold
  4. Rust – terra cotta dishes holding candied almonds and walnuts, shawls or throws used as chair decor or table overlays

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