6 Frozen Cocktail Desserts that Will Totally Rock Your Wedding

Frozen Cocktail Desserts Curated by Bellenza.

The names alone of these Frozen Cocktail Desserts are enough to get your mouth watering! Just wait till you learn more about their fruity ingredients and that splash of alcohol—making them perfect as chilled desserts and cocktails in one! Check out these 6 must-try (meaning must-taste-ahead!) recipes that are too appealing not to share. Whichever one you choose, your summer wedding guests are sure to be refreshed and impressed!

Take Your Pick of Frozen Cocktail Desserts

Frozen, fruity and spiked! Each of these cocktail desserts promises to be an ideal summer wedding treat—incorporating lemon, lime, raspberry, mango, pineapple and coconut plus alcohol. And each one is so prettily presented. How can you resist?

6 Frozen Cocktail Desserts that Will Totally Rock Your Wedding

1 – Sgroppino – A scoop of lemon sorbet topped with prosecco and vodka, with a mint leaf garnish. See the recipe at The Wine Bar.

2 – Mango sorbet – Just 2 ingredients in this recipe spotted on From the Grapevine: mango sorbet (in cute mini balls made with a melon baller) and champagne poured just before serving.

3 – Mojito granita – A concoction of lime juice and zest, almond milk, and coconut extract frozen into cubes, then crushed into granita form for scooping into glasses and topping with rum. Recipe courtesy of Redbook.

4 – Raspberry sorbet champagne floats – Bubbly champagne poured over raspberry sorbet, made from fresh berries via this recipe found at Tattooed Martha.

5 – Limoncello sorbet – A perky mix of fresh lemon juice and zest with bottled limoncello, sugar and water boiled into a syrup, then transformed into sorbet using an ice cream maker. Get the how-to via Creative Culinary.

6 – Frozen piña colada – A creamier take on this classic tropical cocktail, thanks to homemade coconut ice cream blended with light rum, coconut-flavored vodka, and pineapple juice and frozen chunks. Follow the recipe shared on The Little Epicurean.

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