A Chocolate Wedding Cake: Why You Should Consider It!

Chocolate wheat cake via martha stewart weddings

Chocolate for a wedding cake?! Not exactly a “top of mind” choice, is it? Weddings are usually associated with white and frills and flowers. So a cake covered in dark brown frosting just seems out of place. But with today’s modern couples stretching tradition in so many ways, it’s not surprising that a number have taken the chocolate option. Just see the fabulous cake designs that have resulted! Plus we offer some convincing reasons why you should consider a chocolate cake for your Big Day.

Dramatic and Delectable Chocolate Wedding Cake Designs

If these amazing creations haven’t convinced you yet, we came up with 3 key reasons why you should at least say, “Why not?”

Reason #1 – Chocolate suits a modern, sophisticated theme or style.

Dramatic and Delectable Chocolate Wedding Cake Designs as Featured on the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza

Since chocolate can be molded, shaped and sculpted, today’s cake designers can create unique and stunning effects for an urban-industrial, art gallery, geometric, even Art Deco theme. Tiers of cake “boxes” filled with treats (1) would be one option. Or a two-toned tower of gathered sheets of dark milk and white chocolate (2).

An ultra-modern approach would be to have a square tiered cake (3) with a simple gilded monogram, or a minimalist cube cake (4) nearly bare of adornment. Sugar or marzipan fruits or a single fresh bloom could soften the edginess a bit.

Reason #2 – Chocolate is a luscious complement to many flavors.

Chocolate wedding cake with strawberries

Just think of your favorite fruits, berries, nuts, and even liqueurs. Chances are they would go wonderfully with chocolate. Take the strawberry-topped layer cake (5) above. Perhaps have a base cake flavored with almond, orange, pistachio or rum then frosted with chocolate. Or pair it with rich fillings like caramel, coconut cream, or cherry mousse.

Reason #3 – Chocolate provides a perfect canvas for gold and glitter.

Wheat-motif cake in chocolate

With its rich, dark color and satiny sheen, chocolate looks absolutely decadent with embellishments in edible glitter, luster dust, and edible gold leaf. The gorgeous wheat-motif cake (6) above is pure rustic-luxe. But you could use similar glitzy accents for a vintage, exotic, or holiday-themed wedding cake!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to break away from the “wedding cakes are white” mindset? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Cake designers:

1 – Sweetest Jubilee (Melbourne), via Polka Dot Bride

2 – Kanya Hunt (Cape Town)

3 – Confetti Cakes, via Brides.com

4 – Tallant House, via Snippet and Ink

5 – Via Style Serendipity

6 – Jason Schreiber, via Martha Stewart Weddings

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