A Monopoly-inspired Wedding: A Game Theme Goes Glam!

Monopoly cupcakes favors by Never Ending Ideas of Singapore

Weddings nowadays can have pretty much anything for a theme. If you’re avid Monopoly fans, for instance, you have all those iconic board game elements to play around with (literally)! What fun it will be incorporating them in your printed goods, decorations, food and drinks, sweets, favors, and even some guest activities. The challenge, though, is how to bring on the Monopoly mood without risking ‘game overload.’ Plus, adding some glam!

From Board Game to Wedding Theme – 12 Ideas!

A black and white Monopoly themed wedding from decor inspiration to reception activities.

Not everything has to be about Monopoly. In fact, just a few well-chosen details are all you need to set the theme. Here are 12 fun and creative elements you can select from. Don’t get carried away, though! Maybe 5 or 6 key items will do. Clearly, a game theme can be glamorous, too!

1. Color palette – Your base colors can be graphic black and white with pops of solid color picked up from the game board. Then, you can add a bit of glitz via trimmings of metallics and glitter (see picture 4 and 5)

2. Welcome sign or escort card display – Assemble a giant Monopoly board, with the guests’ escort cards tacked to the different property spaces corresponding to the table names.

3. Table names – In place of table numbers, name each table after properties from the board game—such as Boardwalk, Park Place, Mediterranean Avenue, and the like.

4. Centerpieces – As a nod to the top hat-wearing ‘Mr. Monopoly,’ why not have upturned black top hats holding vases of single-colored flowers? Or you could have glass or metallic cylinder vases holding mini top hats and mustaches mounted on sticks.

5. Place cards – Print the guests’ names on cards using the font from the Monopoly board, and hold each card on its place setting with a gold-painted game token (see picture 2).

6. Sweets display – Set up a ‘Community Chest’ box displaying an array of gold chocolate coins, Hershey’s nuggets, gold dragees, and other sweets that guests can scoop into faux ‘money bags.’

7. Wishing cards – Make replicas of assorted Monopoly cards with the reverse side blank for guests to write greetings on. Then display the cards in an actual game box with the lid open.

8. Bunting or garland – Purchase additional packs of Monopoly money (available from Amazon) and simply string them up to form colorful overhead bunting, backdrops for your drinks station or guest book table, or even fun chair decorations!

9. Dessert ideas – Keep up the theme by serving little gingerbread houses frosted to resemble the house tokens from the game, or have mini cakes decorated to look like dice. A simpler option would be to prepare cupcakes with toppers (see picture 1) in the shape of dollar signs, money bags, or the face of Mr. Monopoly.

10. Drinks decorations – Dress up your wedding drinks with mustache or top hat swizzle sticks, gold chocolate coins garnishing the glass rims, or game tokens made into wine glass charms.

11. Food labels and favor tags – Modify the design of Monopoly money to print out customized labels for your food buffet, drinks bar, and dessert table. Do the same to create personalized tags for your wedding favors.

12. Trivia game – Use replicas of ‘Chance’ cards for guests to pick from and answer questions about the newlyweds.

Image credits:

1 – Top hat and mustache cupcake toppers – Never Ending Ideas of Singapore via Party Doll Manila
2 – Place cards with ‘property tokens’ – Wedding Bee
3 – Wedding dress with layered lace skirt and black bow – A Beautiful Mess
4 – Place setting in black, white, and gold – Erin Ever After (photography by Max Wanger)
5 – Elegant wedding cake – One Fab Day (photography by Christina Brosnan)
6 – Monopoly board invitations – One Little M

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