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Art Theme Wedding Series: Mondrian-inspired Wedding Style

Mondrian Art Themed Wedding

Are you looking for a high-impact modern wedding theme? Look no further. Here’s a motif that’s sure to surprise and maybe even shock. It’s a look inspired by modern Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), whose bold works pre-dated today’s color block and geometric trends by decades! It’s one theme where you can blend an iconic art style with a current look for weddings. Such an exciting way to kick off another of our Wedding Bistro series—Art Themed Weddings!

How to Get the Mondrian Look at Your Wedding

Definitely not for the timid or conventional couple, the Mondrian look—part of the De Stijl art movement in The Netherlands—is immediately recognizable for its blocks of primary colors and white arranged in a grid of solid black lines. Not something you would normally associate with a wedding. But brides and grooms and wedding stylists have bravely managed to work Mondrian-esque elements into their ceremonies and/or receptions with startling results! See how.

Mondrian-inspired Wedding Style | The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

As you can see, even just one element in this style already makes a major visual impact. So we suggest you select a few key areas to “go Mondrian.” Then, set these off against solid fields of color, like yellow or blue or even black and white.

  • – For the ceremony, prime everyone ahead with an attention-grabbing wedding invitation that announces the modern art motif. Then, echo this with custom-sewn Mondrian dresses for your bridesmaids, who will hold monochromatic bouquets in bright colors.
  • – At the reception, have all eyes on the wedding cake that’s like a Mondrian artwork in 3D! Display it on a dessert table with more art-themed mini cakes, cookies and cake pops in primary colors, and framed by a stunning color block backdrop made entirely of flowers.
  • – And in keeping with the ultra-modern ambiance, set up a lounge area for guests to mingle during cocktail hour—with a giant Mondrian wall and bold-colored arm chairs and trendy tables.

With a look like this, you’ll have everyone talking about your Mondrian-inspired wedding for months after! More inspiration like this to come in our Art Themed Weddings series. Watch for it!

Credits: Graphic design record jackets – Ronnie Jensen / Invitation – Minted / Bridesmaids’ dresses and bouquets – The Knot / Lounge area – Maison / Cake table and backdrop – Special Events

To learn more about Mondrian and his distinctive artistic works, visit links like this one online.

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