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Asian-inspired Cocktails as Ideas for Wedding Signature Drinks

Stash Tea cocktail- Asian-inspired Cocktails as Ideas for Wedding Signature Drinks

Deciding on your signature drink to suit your wedding theme is another fun aspect of planning the Big Day! And if you’d like to venture out of the usual drink choices, why not go for an Asian-inspired cocktail? The 14 fascinating concoctions we are featuring are infused with Asian fruits like lychee, kumquat, tangerine, and clementine in liqueur, syrup, and (in some recipes) fresh fruit form.

So perfect for a summer wedding with a tropical, luau, beach, or coastal theme. And of course, for Chinese, Japanese, Thai, or Malaysian-inspired nuptials. Sip your way through this survey of signature cocktail ideas with Asian flavors!

14 Delish Cocktail Recipes with Asian Flavors

Asian-inspired signature cocktail ideas

1 – Tangerine Mojito – In this recipe from Monin, it’s mandarin syrup that provides the zest in a blend of mojito mix, light rum, and club soda garnished with lime slices and mint.

2 – Lychee and Rose Mimosa – “Fragrant…and full of bubbles” is how Toast Mag NZ describes this pretty drink made with lychee syrup, rose water, and vodka (optional), topped up with rosé wine. Cute lychee garnish, too!

3 – Lychee Martini – Recommended for warm weather (like at a summer wedding?) by DIY Inspired, this recipe shakes together lychee juice, simple syrup, and vodka. Then, serves the mix in martini glasses topped with lychee fruit.

4 – Kumquat Martini – From Betty Crocker, here is a unique blend of kumquat slices and mint leaves muddled together, then poured into chilled martini glasses, garnished with more kumquat slices and mint leaves.

5 – Sparkling Clementine Cocktail – Classic mimosa cocktails get a flavor boost from clementines in this recipe from Kroger. For a sparkling finish, pour into champagne flutes and top up with champagne and ice.

6 – Lychee Collins – Lychee syrup brings fruity-flowery notes to this mix of vodka, fresh lemon juice, and club soda from Torani. Simple and sweet!


These are recipes with tea and liqueur:

Tea like oolong and jasmine-infused cocktails. Also, liqueur infused cocktail.

1 – Chrysanthemum JulepOld Forester mint julep is mixed with Benedictine liqueur and dry vermouth, then poured over crushed ice and dressed up with a sprig of mint.

2- Jasmine-infused Martini – Check out this cocktail from Stash Tea where loose leaf jasmine green tea is steeped in vodka or gin, chilled with ice cubes, then strained into cold martini glasses rimmed with sugar.

3 – Oolong Island Iced Tea Cocktail – Strong oolong tea is brewed, cooled, then transferred to glasses over ice—where vodka, lemon juice, and rum are added. Orange slices and sprigs of rosemary complete the summery look! See the recipe by Dragonfly Tea.


More recipes made with lime, pineapple, and mangosteen:

Asian citrus cocktails with lime, pineapple, mangosteen for wedding drinks

1 – Limeade with Pandan – Such a pretty presentation for this fragrant, Malaysian-inspired concoction from Unilever Food Solutions. Pandan (a tropical leaf), sugar and water are brought to a boil, then lime seasoning powder is added to create a zesty punch.

2 – Cointreau Grapefruit Fizz – Fresh grapefruit juice and the orange-y notes of Cointreau result in a delicious balance of bitter and sweet in this cocktail from Cointreau—made bubbly with club soda.

3 – “Pearl Caribbean” Cocktail – A playful idea for a signature drink from Bossen, blending lemon and pineapple juice, rum, and simple syrup—plus Blue Curacao for color and tapioca pearls in a half-lemon shell for fun!

4 – 3 Pepper Rim Mangosteen Smash – What a flavor-packed cocktail, from McCormick for Chefs! Strawberries, tequila, mangosteen, lemon juice and lime juice are blended. Then, poured into glasses rimmed with a mix of white pepper, black pepper and pink peppercorns.

5 – Lime-Kumquat Cocktail – Freshly squeezed lime and exotic kumquat fruit, topped with orange liqueur result in a crisp and citrusy combination from GREY GOOSE® Vodka.

With cocktail ideas like these featuring Asian fruits and flavors, guests will be all abuzz about your wedding signature drink!

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