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Fun Ways to Involve Kids in a Blended Family Wedding Ceremony

Fun Ways to Include Kids in a Wedding Ceremony by Bellenza.

Weddings these days seem to have more children as part of the ceremony. Many couples are having second marriages, each with their own set of kids. While some are delaying tying the knot so, by the time they do, their children are old enough to be included in the bridal party. One couple who reached out to us is in just such a situation. So, they asked for ideas on how to involve little ones in their ceremony. We came up with 10 blended family wedding ceremony ideas, but we’d love it if you have more to add!

10 Ways Children Can Add Heart and Whimsy to a Blended Wedding Ceremony

Want “awww”-inspiring moments on your wedding day? Get kids into the act! Take some cues from these delightful ideas we’ve seen at real and styled ceremonies.

#1 Alternative unity candle ceremony
If kids are involved, you can have them participate in the vows with an alternative unity candle ceremony using candy, planting a tree, or something similar.

#2 Flower girls and ring bearers in costumes
Have the little ladies dressed as fairies, ballerinas, or butterflies. While the young gents can be dressed like little cowboys, wizards, or vintage (1920s) newspaper boys.

#3 Balloons in place of flower baskets
For the flower girls, add a playful touch by having them hold balloons as an alternative to bouquets or flower baskets.

#4 Witty banners
Have the youngsters carry a fun banner down the aisle saying something witty, sweet or hilarious!

#5 Merged families symbolism
In the spirit of forming a new family out of two, have both your sets of children (or maybe the littlest one from each side) walk down the aisle together. Then, have them stand right around you as you exchange your vows.

#6 Kiddie art signage
Have the kids create your ceremony welcome sign, the cover of your wedding programs, the tags for the wedding toss bags.

#7 Reading parts of the ceremony
If you plan to have personalized portions of the ceremony, like inspirational verses, an excerpt from a favorite book, or messages to one another, why not have the older children read these for you?

#8 A song dedicated to the newlyweds
If they are musically inclined, have the kids sing a song after the ceremony—perhaps a sentimental favorite of yours as a couple or one you enjoy singing as a family.

#9 An original poem by the kids
Maybe a budding writer or two among them can surprise you with a poem they wrote themselves, celebrating this happy occasion.

#10 Bubbles for a joyful exit
For your exit from the ceremony or for the send-off after the reception, have the kids lead the guests in blowing bubbles instead of tossing rice or lighting sparklers. Throwing colorful pom poms are also a great option!

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Are you having your children join the wedding ceremony? What creative ways have you got planned to do this?

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