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Bridal Looks for Fall with Chic Plum and Purple!


Bold, smoky plums and pretty lavenders are hot for a fall wedding. If you haven’t embraced this chic autumnal trend yet, now’s the time.  We’re highlighting various ways to take the ‘purple plunge’ and get that plum punch for maximum impact!

Create Dazzling Eyes

Get in on this season’s trendiest look with purple eyelids! What we adore most about this shade is that you can wear it with as little as you want for a fairly natural look, or wear it as much as you wish to achieve that electrifying “oomph” factor. We recommend mixing this with metallic or glittery eyeshadow, if you’re prepping up for a chic fall wedding.

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Then, why not trade in your go-to black eyeliner for the more daring and eye-catching purple. From mild to wild, you can play your plum eyeliner up or down by smudging thinner lines of purple around your eyes, or totally smudging it out for a perfectly “un-perfect” look. You may also sweep it above the eye’s natural crease, if you have time to spare. Be the prettiest fall bride, and make a statement by finishing the look with a volumizing black mascara, which will make your eyes really pop.

Get Luscious Looks for Your Lips

Apart from purple lids, another tasty trend that’s worth trying are “plum-ful” lips. Not everyone feels comfortable rocking a dark shade of lipstick, but this fall is definitely not the time to chicken out! Considered one of the best evening colors around, plum lip stains look incredible when paired with light eyeshadow or a simple eyeliner and mascara. ‘Too much’ are two words that we don’t want in our plum palette when we’re attending a wedding, so remember not to overdo your eyes when sporting deep plum on your lips! Lip Tip: You can use your finger to dab on your lips for a layering effect that can make your lip color appear richer.

Remember, this plum-purple trend isn’t limited to just one season. It’s wildly flattering on most, if not all skin tones, and we’re totally sure it’ll look gorgeous on you. We think this shade is here to stay, and if you’re truly passionate about purple like us, why not share some of your own favorite makeup ideas with us? We’d love to hear from you!

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