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Bright Floral Centerpieces for a Summer Wedding

Mismatched table centerpieces

Want an instant splash of color for your summer wedding? There’s no lovelier way to create that than with bold, bright floral centerpieces. And luckily the sunny season offers a truly showstopping array of blooms. So you can mix 3 or 4 hot hues to match your wedding palette, or go for the entire rainbow in a celebration of color! We gathered some great tips and fabulous photos from the web to help show you how.

How to Create Floral Centerpieces That Sizzle

Your choice of which flowers to use will depend on your personal favorites, the look to match your theme, and of course your budget. But beyond the selection of blooms, here are some hints for creating your own breathtakingly bright summer centerpieces.

Hot hint #1: Choose blooms that just beam! Some flowers just seem to exude warmth and cheer (and they don’t have to be pricey ones either). Take your pick from gerbera daisies, sunflowers, anemones, dahlias, pansies, billy balls, oncidium orchids, spider mums, green ‘Kermit’ mums, daffodils, carnations, and the like. Then you may opt to play up 3 or 4 colors to match your wedding motif, or create a merry mix up of flower varieties and colors!

Hot hint #2: Have multi-colored containers, too. Add even more color by arranging the flowers in glazed vases, tinted glass bottles or bowls, vintage tins, painted boxes or baskets, even fun containers like watering cans, bird cages, or hanging lanterns. You can also use a set of mismatched containers for an interesting effect (see picture 1, 3, 4, 8).

Hot hint #3: Mix in patterned leaves. Aside from the varied shapes, sizes, and colors of the flowers, think about using leaves with interesting patterns (speckled or striped), unusual textures like Dusty Miller, and eye-catching colors like chartreuse or emerald green.

Hot hint #4: Go for multiple arrangements. A neat trick for getting maximum impact at minimal cost is to line the entire center of the table with 10 or more mini arrangements. Each one in a different kind of container with varied shapes and heights. Some with 2 or 3 flowers, others with just a solo bloom. One or 2 floating in candy dishes, others perched atop candlesticks, a few more tucked into teacups. (see picture 5)

Hot hint #5: Add fun non-floral elements, too! You’re in a carefree, joyful mood anyway. So why not toss in other accents like colored pebbles, glass stones, feathers (glittered even, if you wish), seashells, faux birds, silk butterflies? Just keep your theme in mind, but let your creativity run free (see picture 3)!

Floral Inspiration! Vibrant and Pretty!

Bright floral centerpieces for summer weddings

1 – Tinted glass containers add to the cheer – from Ely Roberts Photography; 2 – A charming multi-colored wreath arrangement – from The Goodness, via Ruffled; 3 – A modern mix of striking blooms, plus glittered feathers – from Jana Marie Photography

Bright table centerpieces with colorful flowers

4 – Bold hues mixed with soft pastels spell pure charm – via Pinterest; 5 – Popping color contrasts definitely say summer – from Tulipina Floral Design

Floral centerpieces with bright flowers

6 – Hot pinks and oranges with matching candles – from Jodi Miller Photography; 7 – A tropical look, inspired by the flamboyant Carmen Miranda – from Jennifer Sosa, via Burnett’s Boards; 8 – Beaming colors everywhere, from daisies to mason jars – from Kimography

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