Champagne Floats for a Wedding Dessert Station

Champagne floats for weddings

Set up a cool champagne float ice cream station and bring together the sophisticated taste of champagne with the icy cold sweetness of ice cream! Perfect for a summer bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or wedding reception. Let’s see what you can assemble to make delicious champagne floats served up in stylish glasses. This is definitely one frozen treat you have to try this summer. Champagne floats aren’t just reserved for New Year’s Eve! They’re a tantalizing dessert for couples that want to bring the nostalgia of ice cream floats to their wedding celebration.


The following list of ingredients show you the basics for making your own champagne floats:

  1. Champagne or prosecco
  2. Fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries
  3. Ice cream flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, peach, mango, pineapple, confetti ice cream OR
  4. Sorbet or sherbet flavors like raspberry, orange, and lemon
  5. Optional: sugar sprinkles, rock candy, and non-pareils


Serve the champagne floats as a station or bar presented on a table. Here are some tips on what to use and how to serve them to your guests:

  1. Use elegant glassware like champagne flutes, stemless wine glasses, martini glasses, or dessert goblets.
  2. Provide straws, napkins, tea spoons, and ice cream scoops for guests.
  3. Display your favorite bubbly in chic silver glass champagne buckets.
  4. If you will be including fresh fruits, serve them in containers that are cooled with ice. When serving your champagne floats, add a garnish to the glass such as orange slices, mint sprigs, or even a cookie!
  5. Have a small sign or picture frame with the words “sip sip hooray!”


Who wouldn’t want to serve these delicious floats? Try these recipes to create a fantastic dessert station:

Champagne floats in flavors like raspberry.

  1. Cranberry champagne floats via Kitchen Aid
  2. Peach sorbet champagne float via Eat Boutique
  3. Peach, mango, and raspberry summer sorbet float via Grand Baby Cakes
  4. Mimosa floats with orange sherbet via Twins Inspiration
  5. Raspberry champagne float via Well Plated
  6. Limoncello prosecco float via Port and Fin
  7. Strawberry champagne float via World Market

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