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Colorful Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Tables! Bright and Beautiful!


When it comes to styling your wedding tables, color is key! And it isn’t just about ‘visual impact.’ The colors you choose and how you mix and match them also set the mood for the whole occasion. So if you’re planning a cool and casual wedding reception, engagement party, or rehearsal dinner, here are 7 definitely eye-catching ways to work with color. Guests are sure to say, “Wow!”

Spark a Playful Mood in Rainbow Hues

Aqua table with a mix of colors makes for a fun rehearsal dinner tablescape.

Going for a fun, young atmosphere at your rehearsal dinner? Then, a merry mix of colors is sure to do the trick. We do suggest, though, that you choose one color to serve as your base—as we did here with aqua for the plates and favors.

Set a Radiant Scene with Red

Spice up a romantic engagement dinner party with a sultry red tablescape.

If you’d like a bit of drama at your engagement dinner, you can go for vibrant red. When paired with black and gold, it creates a rich Hispanic flair—especially if you decorate your chairs with large red cabbage roses. Ole!

Create a Cozy Feel with Earth Tones

Fall hues painted in a palette of olives, browns, oranges, and ivory set the scene for a rustic wedding tablescape

If you’re planning a natural look but want some elegance added in, begin with a palette of browns, oranges, and ivory. Incorporate natural textures like twigs and leaves. Then, finish with gleaming metallics and lots of candles. Voila! Rustic with a hint of luxe.

Sunny and Citrusy Orange!

Sunny and citrusy orange adds a touch of warmth to an outdoor summer party with a casual vibe.

Casual wedding events are usually held outdoors when the season is warm and sunny. So the bold, bright hues of the tropics are a great option. Try all-foliage centerpieces with a touch of hot orange blooms. Then match these with orange favor wraps, fruit-candy ‘shots,’ and beaded napkin rings!

Go Garden Pretty in Pink and Yellow

A floral palette of yellows and pinks definitely capture the look of a spring or summer garden-inspired table

Even for indoor venues, you can capture the look of a spring or summer garden in full bloom. Simply keep to a palette of pinks for your table linens. Then, have an assortment of garden-themed favors—from lovely flowerpots topped with butterfly tags, to keepsake containers like yellow porcelain eggs and porcelain trinket boxes.

Capture the Havana Heat in Fuchsia and Aqua

Bring bold fuchsia and brightly color accents for a hot summer Havana rehearsal dinner party.

Capture the sultry sizzle of Havana at a garden-setting rehearsal dinner party. Use vibrant colors, such as aqua for the table linens and bold fuchsia fabric wraps enclosing heart-shaped favor boxes. Add fresh leaves and bold-colored flowers as hot accents.

Sweeten the Scene in Lilac and Pink

Think lilac and pink for a tea party themed bridal shower

A tea party theme is a huge favorite for bridal showers. Delight guests with tea cup and saucer sets filled with chocolates, and wrapped in fittingly sweet lilac and sugar pink fabric. Add teaspoon-shaped favor tags for a touch of whimsy!

So there’s no need to be timid about using bold, bright colors at your wedding event. As we’ve shown, they can work wonders in creating the ambiance you’re aiming for.

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