Easy Ways to Plan a Mardi Gras Bridal Shower that is Co-ed!

Ideas for planning a Mardi Gras Co-ed Shower

Join the Mardi Gras parade of parties this February with this fun and festive theme. In fact, we suggest a Co-ed Bridal Shower Party inspired by the Fat Tuesday celebration—letting the guys join the revelry, too! With Mardi Gras just days away, though, we’re giving you some help with ideas for shower decorations, food, drinks, sweets and activities. Take a look and catch the excitement for hosting such a playful break for the couple amidst all the wedding prep pressure.

Fun, Festive, and Easy Ideas for a Mardi Gras-themed Wedding Shower

Whip up this shower party with ease—thanks to online products, easy DIY projects, simple make-ahead recipes, or treats you may find in a nearby bakery or grocery. See those we found!

Festive ideas to plan a Mardi Gras Co-ed Bridal Shower Party.

Lucky for you, you can find a ready-to-use invitation for a bridal shower with a Mardi Gras design (1). This one can even be customized to include the groom’s name along with the bride’s. Then for a DIY decoration, how creative is this wreath made with Mardi Gras beads (2) and accented with a fleur de lis ornament (see the tutorial in the link below).

For a light, flavorful menu, serve different Cajun-inspired sandwiches, a hearty gumbo soup, and chips with a unique dip—like this pineapple, avocado and bean salsa (3) in Mardi Gras colors! Then, for drinks that match, try this concoction called King Cake cocktail (4) made with cake vodka and garnished with colored sanding sugar.

Speaking of those distinctive colors, set up a simple sweets table featuring goodies decorated in purple, green and yellow. Whether you plan to make them yourself or go with store-bought, choose themed treats like King Cake cake pops (5), fleur de lis iced cookies (6), and the signature French confection, macarons (9).

Finally, in place of the usual bridal shower games, set up a table of Mardi Gras props and accessories (7) and have guests dress up in glittery masks for the ladies (8). Then, have everyone join in a “Let the Good Times Roll” version of bingo, a Mardi Gras trivia game, or a contest of who can select the best French words to describe the bride and groom!

 Credits: 1 – Zazzle (*affiliate link)/ 2 – Sew in Love / 3 – Little Broken / 4 – Home is Where the Boat Is / 5 – 6 Bittersweets / 6 – Sugar Chic Cookies /  7 – Project Wedding /8 – Amazon (*affiliate link) / 9 – Sprinkle Bakes 

Nothing like a playful holiday like Mardi Gras to ease that pre-wedding stress, don’t you agree? So if you throw a bridal shower with this theme, do let us know. What a fun feature that would be right here on The Wedding Bistro!

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