Easy Winter Bridal Shower Food: Guide to Yummy Recipes!

16 Easy Recipes for Winter Bridal Shower Good

Hosting a bridal shower in these wintry months? An intriguing question is always what to serve. Our suggestion is a simple yet filling menu you can’t go wrong with: thick, creamy soups, flavorful finger foods, handy mini sliders, and of course pretty desserts! So we’ve put together a selection of each of these for you to get hungry over (and study the great recipes provided) – then make your choice for a winter bridal shower menu that’s sure to satisfy!

Soups in Single-serve Cups or Bowls

When serving a group at a casual gathering, it’s always wise to prepare food items in portions just right for each guest. Hot soup, though, is best ladled out just as everyone gathers round to eat. So have stylish earthenware or heavy ceramic cups or bowls on hand.

Now, to choose from one of these delicious-looking soups!

Winter Soups for a Bridal Shower

Will it be Creamy Tomato Soup (1) that has the tang of tomato balanced by butter and half-and-half? Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup (2) that’s hearty enough to be an entree itself? Perhaps Moroccan Pumpkin Soup (3) with an exotic flavor garnished with toasted almonds, sour cream and fresh coriander? Or Creamy Corn and Poblano Soup (4), a Mexican favorite with the kick of jalapeño and poblano peppers?

Recipe sources: 1 – Land O Lakes / 2 – Cabot Cheese Coop / 3 – Campbell’s Kitchen / 4 – Cuisine Solutions

Easy to Handle Finger Foods

With everyone having a great time chatting and mingling, it’s best to offer up bite-size appetizers and munchies they can put on saucers or even paper napkins. Lay these out on trays, platters or food stands so they can easily help themselves, and come back for more!

Easy Finger Foods for a Winter Bridal Shower

You’ll probably end up choosing a couple of these to serve. They’re all so tempting! Gluten-free Sausage and Cheese Balls (1) made with pork sausage and 2 cheeses seasoned with herbs and spices. Hot Artichoke Dip (2), a creamy mix of artichoke hearts, mayonnaise and parmesan cheese you can serve with crackers. Creamy Salmon and Chive Mousse on Crostini (3), a delicious blend of smoked salmon bits in mascarpone cheese and sour cream, topped on crusty baguette slices. Fried Marble Jack Cheese Sticks (4), breaded and fried then served with a side of marinara sauce.

Recipe sources: 1 – Betty Crocker / 2 – Kraft Recipes / 3 – Sur la Table / 4 – Crystal Farms Cheese

Savory Mini Sliders

Always a hit at gatherings like these, sliders pack a great flavor punch while being easy to enjoy in a few quick bites. See which of these recipes your shower guests will go for.

Easy Sliders for a Winter Bridal Shower

You have 4 great choices! Grilled Chicken Bacon Sliders (1), a mini version of a campfire (or football watching) favorite that you can make with different cheeses and serve with different sauces and toppings. Turkey Sliders (2) featuring turkey patties topped with spinach, peppered bacon, onion jam, goat cheese and tomato on a pretzel bun! Seafood Sliders (3) made with beer battered fish fillets you can serve with mayo flavored 4 different ways: Tex-Mex, wasabi lime, smokey chipotle, or honey bbq. Chili Dog Sloppy Joe Sliders (4), two faves in one – made with taco-style seasoned ground beef, sliced beef franks, and cheese singles.

Recipe sources: 1 – The Pioneer Woman / 2 – Unilever Food Solutions / 3 – Van de Kamp’s / 4 – Kraft Recipes

Desserts: Ready-Made or Easy to Make

No fuss to prepare and no hassle to serve, these pretty treats are sure to delight everyone – while adding to the bridal shower “decor” too!

Easy Winter Desserts for a Bridal Shower

Take your pick from these scrumptious goodies. Philadelphia No-bake Mini Cheesecakes (1) actually hide an Oreo cookie surprise underneath cream cheese and whipped topping garnished with sprinkles. White Chocolate Peppermint Pudding Cookies (2) are made with instant pudding mix, white chocolate morsels, and crushed mints on top. Strawberry Parfaits (3) like these feature gorgeous fresh berries layered with yogurt and cream cheese – such a pretty sight on your dessert station! And for your bridal shower cake, consider this Classic Funfetti Ice Cream Cake (4). It’s so simple to make using a funfetti cake mix and vanilla ice cream.

Recipe sources: 1 – Kraft Recipes / 2 – Kraft Recipes / 3 – Harry and David / 4 – Pillsbury

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