Elegant Drip Wedding Cakes: Perfect for Summer Weddings!

8 drip cakes for weddings that are elegantly designed.
We’ve all seen these trendy, eye-catching confections known as drip wedding cakes. break into the wedding scene in the past year. They’ve become hugely popular in Australia, Singapore, Canada and the U.K. And what charmers they are! While traditional cakes tend to be prim, polished and picture-perfect, drip cakes give a sense of spontaneity and movement as “liquid frosting” seems caught in mid-flow spilling over the edge of a cake top or tier. Come see how this modern effect can be beautifully combined with sophisticated elements, as in the gorgeous drip wedding cakes below.

Inspiration for Drip Wedding Cakes with an Elegant Air

These 8 cake beauties we found show how elegance and edginess can be combined—with muted colors, floral accents and luxe metallic touches. They come in multiple tiers for a more showstopping effect, as well as in a single layer for a more understated, budget-friendly option.

Elegant drip-inspired wedding cakes decorated in floral styles for summer weddings.

Tiered drip cakes with metallic finishes, ombre and marble effects, cascading florals

Take inspiration from these 5 fabulous examples of multiple-layer drip cakes. A 3-layer creation (1) combines gold drip frosting with lovely pastel-hued hydrangea, rose buds and mums; while a cake with 2 tall layers (2) is speckled with gold leaf to complement the drip icing.

A lovely ombre-effect cake in blush pink (3) is garnished with macarons and marshmallows, and just a touch of metallic gold drip icing. Marbled aquamarine cube-shaped layers with white drip icing (5) are sprinkled with gold and topped with gilded berries and white mums. While another creation in alternating pale pink and gold layers (4) is adorned with a cascading floral garland.

Single-layer drip cakes in sophisticated colors and classic florals

Even one-layer wedding cakes can use the drip icing effect beautifully. This one with an ombre effect in the softest powder blue (8) comes topped with a white rose and tiny blue flowers.

This luxe drip cake (7) is gilded with edible silver leaf, finished with white drip icing and topped with a posy of dainty pink blooms.

How elegant is this creation finished in midnight blue with a gold icing drip (6) and crowned with classic white roses.

How much does a drip cake cost?

Our online browsing showed that prices range from $50 for a 6-inch diameter, 4 to 5-inch tall drip cake to $200 for a 12-inch diameter, 7 to 8-inch tall drip cake; to even more for custom or bespoke designs with multiple tiers

What toppings and garnishes can be used on a drip wedding cake?

Depending on the look you are aiming for or the wedding theme you’ve chosen, incorporate combinations of romantic flowers (fresh, silk or sugar), berries, chocolates and macarons. Or groupings of playful elements like cookies, candies, waffle cones, mini figurines, paper pinwheels and the like!

A fascinating option for your wedding, don’t you think? So, will it be a drip wedding cake for you?

Credits: 1 – Madison’s on Main Street / 2 – Cake by Annie / 3 – The Cotswold Cake Kitchen / 4 – Sandra Monger Cakes / 5- Hello Tiny Bites / 6 – Artisana Bakes / 7 – Cake Ink / 8 – The Sparkling Spatula

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