Elegant Ways to Use Balloons as Wedding Decorations

Balloons as Wedding Decorations

If you think balloons are only for kiddie parties, think again! Over the years, they’ve made their way into weddings, from ceremony to reception. And no wonder! Few things say “We’re happy!” more charmingly than balloons, so they bring an instant mood of celebration to any event. It was one fun search, then, exploring the blog world for fabulous ways to use balloons at weddings. And what great ideas we found, set amidst some really gorgeous party scenes. Ready to get “blown away”? Here we go!

Take A Look at These Great Ideas

Ideas on using balloons as wedding decorations

  1. Over-sized balloons (and we mean huge!) have an instant wow factor even in pale neutrals. This stunning vignette found on My Wedding.com, features Geronimo balloons customized with metallic streamers, ribbons, and paper garlands. Talk about festive glam!
  2. More of those tinselly streamers adorn this sweet yet absolutely stunning dessert table, a styling collaboration between One Plus One Design and Jenna Rae Cakes. A cloud of pure white balloons creates a heavenly backdrop for this charming peach and mint setting!
  3. Of course, balloons are naturals as overhead decor at a wedding! In this oh-so-charming vintage wedding scene on Green Wedding Shoes, they’re floating above outdoor reception tables as hot air balloons prettily decorated with ribbons, rosettes, and miniature bunting.
  4. Even when grounded, the hot air balloon concept makes the most darling centerpiece/table number, as seen in this real wedding on Love and Lavender! We love how the sweet pink balloon with its gold trimmings works perfectly with the little flower-filled basket.
  5. Balloons as floor decor? Such a novel idea we spotted in this whimsical ballroom-themed shoot on Tiny Water Blog. With fun ceiling decor like these upturned parasols and pastel-colored pompoms, simple white balloons are all you need to get your wedding guests to “kick up their heels” at the ball!
  6. The playful vibe that balloons give off is heightened even more when they’re a bold tangerine color and polka-dotted to boot! Couldn’t be more ideal for the balloon release at this rustic outdoor wedding featured on The White Library.
  7. Amidst this elegant purple and gold setting shown on GD Marquee Hire, balloons add a heartwarming touch to the lavishly draped tent ceiling. As you can see, it doesn’t take a whole lot of balloons to achieve that festive air.

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