Fall Wedding Color Combos Inspired by Gorgeous Fall Cakes!

Fall color combos in unexpected yet elegant colors

Why limit your fall wedding to earthy hues that just seem so clichéd nowadays when you can have a wedding painted in unexpected yet elegant colors? We’re showing 7 surprisingly beautiful fall color schemes that evoke a sophisticated vision for a fall wedding palette in beautiful hues of pink, mustard yellow, orange, blue, gold, purple, and green! All of which are inspired by equally gorgeous wedding cakes as you will discover today!

7 Beautiful Cakes in Fall-inspired Color Palettes

Fall Wedding Color Combos Inspired by Gorgeous Fall Cakes!

Moroccan-Inspired Red Velvet Cake as featured on Inside Weddings. Photography by: Melissa Mermin
Color Palette:
Gold, Orange, Brown, and Chartreuse Green


An Earl Grey Pistachio Meringue Tower with Blueberries, Figs, and Edible Flowers by Twigg Studios.
Color Palette: Purple, Burgundy, Fig, and Yellow (through the use of edible flower accents)


The “Amalia” Cake by Layers & Crumbs as seen on Cakes Décor.
Color Palette: Gold, Bright Red, Orange, and Celestial Blue


A Two-Tiered White Fall Wedding Cake with Pink Flowers by VG Bakery as seen on Brides.com. Photo by: SheWanders
Color Palette: Gold, Light Pink, and Crimson Red


A Billy Balls and Butterflies Wedding Cake by Erica O’Brien.
Color Palette: Mustard Yellow, Teal, Sage Green, and Chocolate Brown


A Three-tired Marsala Wedding Cake by the Artisan Cake Company.
Color Palette: Gold, Marsala, Copper, Chocolate Brown, and Black


A Two-tiered Wedding Cake with an Ornate Pattern and Florals by Miss Couture.
Color Palette: Goldm Mauve, Pink, and Pinkish Ivory

What’s Your Favorite Color Combo?

Have you been smitten by these beautiful autumn-inspired cake colors? Tell us what’s your favorite! We’d love to hear it!

Fall color combos for weddings by Bellenza

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